Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fight for Truth

It is phenomenally beautiful to see how some souls have taken a job and have run with it. Their passion, their zest, their ardor is absolutely incredible. Relentlessly they fight for truth. They risk everything, their friends, their family ties even. They risk ridicule and yet, they feel the drive to spread that which they feel is truth. The internet is their greatest tool and its networks are immense platforms. Their work, in and of itself cannot be touched, for truth has a way to prevail. Their work seems to be important. It is with a similar ardor that I remember alienating myself from my own family over 20 years ago. It was that same type of tenacity that led me to stick to my truth and not be swayed anymore. At the time, of course, there was no internet and so I cannot know whether I would have used its connectivity to spread my truth, which of course, I felt deep down to be "the" truth. Whether it was/is, or not is of no importance.

Since these days of feeling so zealous and inclined to share my truth with everyone I encountered, I have to say, that the mission to share truth has not left me. I have come to adopt a stance however, that is perhaps cowardly, or perhaps just a continuation of my growth in awareness since then. Truth, as I understand it, eternal truth, is not really fully understandable in its magnitude, it is untouchable, it is at the same time however very simple in nature and it cannot be altered at its core. It IS. It has one incredible quality. When touched upon and named, it will prevail. Well, it always prevails, even when it is not named, but when named, it seeps into the illusions and begins to slowly penetrate them until they no longer exist. That is why naming it, brings it into the place of illusions and there it begins its clean-up. There is no need to fight for it. There is no need to pound it into everyone's head, although the drive and urge to do that is very understandable to me. Real truth has a silent way of doing this all by itself. I have learned this and as I keep wandering along my path, my very own journey, I try to glimpse that eternal truth now and then. I try to see through the illusions left and right. When I do glimpse it, I gently name that which I see. If that what I saw was real truth, eternal invariable truth, then it has been invoked with my naming it and it will do its job, whether I stick around to see the result or not.

Spreading truth has still remained something of a mission for me, but the missionary traits have long since dissipated, actually, pretty much after I had glimpsed and named the truth for myself that there is no fight for truth, that truth just is and only needs to be gently named, as gently as sowing seeds caresses the soil.

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