Friday, August 5, 2011

A Timely Reminder

Whether or not you've felt the impact of the 3 massive CME's from the sun, each one faster than the previous one, all traveling in the same direction, combining their energies and hurtling towards and impacting the Earth today and tomorrow, it is a good thing to remember that there is only one little step required to adjust to the increase in vibratory frequency that this next wave of energy from the sun initiates. This one little step is the step out of the point of fear into the polar opposite point of love. It only takes a decision, a true, heartfelt intent. Together with this decision, it is helpful to remember to stay in the now moment. If this is difficult, pause for a moment and observe, and then recite aloud the very thing you are doing that very moment. It brings your attention and focus straight into the now and the rest of you will follow to that point in time.

In the now moment, you will then experience a sense of expansion. The expansion of awareness that time falls away, for the now moment can be literally any duration, short or long. With it, comes the expansion of the heart chakra where personal love is experienced and another step further, the activation of the High Heart chakra (between physical heart and throat), where compassion and unconditional love are generated. It is this High Heart chakra that will form the base for the experience of 5th dimensional perception and experience.

Whilst in these swirls of energetic boosts that are hitting our biosphere, we can absolutely remain calm. We can support our bodies' adaptation to the new energetic frequencies with light, fresh vegetarian fare and lots of fresh water. It is a good idea to imbue the water you are drinking with loving, harmonious thoughts. Gratitude is a good vibration for this. The water will then work wonders within your bodies and facilitate the many changes they go through on the cellular and DNA levels.

Try to lay low whenever you can and relax. It's ok to follow the need for a day of fasting or a series of naps - the body will give you the information on what it needs quite accurately. Wherever possible, follow your own intuition. I wish everyone a splendid ride and am very curious to see how it all continues.

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