Saturday, August 6, 2011

The New Josh

Often, it seems we are held in a box. It is possibly the realities of those around us that keep us there. At least they believe that which they always have of us. Since changes happen rather frequently and lately at the lightning speed of "near instant", it can absolutely happen, that the rest of the world (i.e. our friends and family) have a hard time catching up and sorting us into new boxes within their realities.

This goes of course both ways as we ourselves often hold a view or an opinion of "Josh is just like this... (fill in the blank)". I believe in giving first before asking from the outside to deliver, hence, I see it as my own responsibility to be as open minded to the changes another may have gone through, even if I don't know exactly what they might be. Frankly, during the increase in speed of time and energetic frequency, we have to almost assume, that Josh from a week ago, isn't the same Josh today. We ourselves are continuously changing, growing in awareness and refining on an energetic level. It goes without saying that this is true for all people on Earth, even those who themselves are not avid seekers of consciousness expansion processes. Consciousness is expanding everywhere automatically, due to the fact that the Earth's energies are increasing in frequency and we can help that process along, by not hindering it.

We are hindering it, by re-creating the same reality matrices that we have held in our minds, by not even giving a thought to the possibilities of everlasting, frequent and as I said near instant change that can occur within anyone at any time. We keep Josh in the box that Josh has been put in 30 yrs ago. That isn't fair to Josh, nor to the state of mass consciousness, to which Josh most certainly belongs along with everyone else. Ideally, we can gear up and contribute to a more advanced consciousness on Earth by allowing Josh to be who Josh is at any given moment in time. By not deciding to know who Josh is, what he's up to, how aware he is etc. By being curious like a little child who discovers the wonders and miracles that Josh will possibly present when we meet him again. Curiosity is the key word here. Isn't it boring to expect Josh to be like he always was, the same as when we first assessed him? I think so. It's much less boring and most certainly quite exhilarating to be able to discover a fresh new Josh every time we encounter him.

In my book, we owe our "Joshes" this kind of courtesy, for wouldn't we want Josh to see us fresh and new every time he sees us?

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