Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Change in Prophesy

I imagine sometimes a world, where everyone is fully understanding just how powerful their desires, thoughts, emotions are. Whole evolutionary scenarios have been changed and adjusted just because humankind pleaded for their fellow man. Armageddon, the "end of the world" (as we know it) was visioned to be rather intense. Scenarios of destruction and upheaval dominated almost every seer's visions. These visions have circulated for the greater part of the 1980s and 90s. Then, I believe it was around 2002, things suddenly changed. Earth took a different route and the visioned prophesies will now not come to pass.

When one deals with the future, things become vague at best, for free will choice is always here on Earth and mankind has full permission to change any plan the creator may have thought of. Some core topics that were part of the earlier visions and prophesies are still very much alive. Indigenous wise people have warned us humans to live closer to Mother Earth and most of all treasure, preserve and honor water, the life giving element. They have further admonished us to live in peace within our own families, and greater communities.

Just in our own small neighborhood, I remember moving here in 1998, where most front yards were manicured lawns with neatly weeded flower beds. Pretty, really, but somewhat unnatural. Now, 13 years later, the neighborhood has changed drastically, a great majority of the front yards feature vegetable gardens and raised beds. We had an empty lot on our street which is now a community garden, where people from our neighborhood gather and tend to quite a large organic garden. I see them peacefully sharing work and harvest, rain or shine. People are coming together. They are doing stuff that just 10 years ago they would not have dreamed of doing. Most of all, they don't mind if their front yard has some dandelions growing ...

The clutching hold of fear is lessening as we move along on our journey to the next dimension. It's an adventure that I treasure every single day. Yes, there are shifts on the planet, earthquakes, famines, droughts, floods and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, to name a few. Most likely there are more than ever before recorded in the history of mankind. Yet, the disasters are not of the epic proportions that were prophesied and that is due to humanity's rapid awakening world wide. The increase of people opening their hearts, even if they will never call themselves "new ager" or "lightworker" or what have you. These people are the heros of the change in prophesy. They are the catalyst, the reason and the power behind the change of "plan".

Let's not forget that with every natural disaster there is an opportunity to remember that the folks in the midst of disasters, are just as much a part of us, as our next door neighbors, our families and let's at least send love and prayers, good vibes and good intentions out to the areas that are affected. We have seen a cylcone in Australia (Qld) change its course and make landfall in a far less populated area than was projected. We also have seen hurricane Irene drop from a category 2 to a category 1 hurricane. These natural forces are still doing their thing, but every single person who sends their wave of love and support will create an equally natural and strong force that will carry out their wish of minimizing the damage.

This is what ascension is all about. This is the expression of the changed prophesies, where people aren't just dropping off the face of the Earth by means of natural disasters. This is the new path that humanity has embarked on and it is a path where we practice and repeat our feats of dealing with natural disasters. This is the time when we learn to become one big community world wide. (One for All and All for One come's to mind here). This is the time when we can show our true light, the light of our hearts. It is the strongest force in the universe, the fabric of all existence that we are beginning to use consciously and create actual change with, against all foretold doom and gloom and I'm mighty proud of humanity for that.

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