Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dreams and Realities

The fabric of reality is most certainly changing. I could see this in my own little world, where reality is shifting and never ceases to be malleable anymore. There are openings, yet I find myself rather on my own these days. It is ok though. Loneliness would have been possibly the emotion associated with these states, but it just doesn't feel like loneliness anymore. I am sensing that the reality of emotional perception is changing alongside the reality changes as well.

The ups and downs that made my life so brilliantly vibrant have been replaced by a more even keel experience. Life brilliance and vibrant moments are experienced in other ways. The dependency on extreme emotional states to fulfill that need for brilliance has waned almost completely. One could assume that boredom is now in place, but it is not so. This new reality I call my own for now is actually just really peaceful and it feels harmonious to me. It's not at all boring - boring would require an attachment to things being exciting and the sense of loss of that excitement.

All in all, I believe that more and more people will find these places where at first it looks boring, but then when the attachment to excitement slowly wanes, the central state of being is one of quiet satisfaction. Of course I can still step into a place of drama where one point of polarity battles its opposite and is in a perpetual state of tension, but for some reason, that has lost its appeal. I enjoy the slowly moving waters that I craved so much when I was in midst of the rapids on my own personal river. I've obviously had my run through the rapids and what a ride it was!

Fear has almost completely left my experience. I am reminded of its existence through interactions with fear based people and as always, I want to reach out to lend a calming hand, but I have to realize that they are on a different leg on their journey, and taking away the "ride" would not be very nice of me. So I let things be more and more. I find myself in very deep states of acceptance. Acceptance and also tolerance, for I rejoice in seeing diversity more and more.

In my dreams, this beautiful integration of a new paradigm (of belief and thought), which forms my reality is also reflected beautifully. I am having fantastic dreams and although the details of how my subconscious brings the images to my consciousness is very personal, the main factor in those dreams is that my emotional state is always one of absolute fearlessness. It isn't the reckless courage that compensates an underlying state of fear, it is the true absence of fear. Fear is replaced with a combination of love and power. Power isn't the overreaction and abuse of power which is coming from the place of fear in order to throw up a wall of self-protection. Power is efficient, used only when necessary to do what I need to do and always accompanied with a sense of love. Sometimes, things (in my dreams) just need to be done.

The language of the subconscious mind is very clear to me from this point of perspective. There is nothing to fear and I have everything it takes to do what I came to do - and... I'm doing it, all in a good night's "rest".

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