Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Observing the Evolution of Language

Language is one of my favorite things this life time. Words, expressing myself verbally or in writing, communication. I've grabbed that Gemini sun at birth and haven't stopped flapping my Hermes wings at the ankles yet. I am finding it very exciting to see that certain words are beginning to leave my vocabulary. Of course, I still remember them, I read them and wonder why on Earth anyone would use them, since of course, I experience my reality and automatically assume everyone else experiences the same. This is naturally not so, and there are people who still use words that don't appear on my radar as often as they used to anymore.

Some examples of such words are: "defend", "fight", "win/loose", "destruction", "war", "survive", "better" (and along that all those other superlatives). I understand that in order to explain certain things, these words are still in use, and in a descriptive sense, they don't have the same impact on my soul,  but when I read stuff where the use of such words indicates a conviction, a true inner belief of the writer, I find myself surprised. Surprised, yet respectful, since it is everyone's own prerogative to have whatever beliefs and convictions they wish to hold. I am merely observing the changes. I find it very interesting that while residing and embracing my new reality in the higher frequencies, some things pertaining to the old ways begin to fade away. They matter less and less and I don't feel the need to keep them around. Among those things are these kind of words that by their sound, their energetic matrix, lead me back into the 3rd dimension.

I am not suggesting to make it an exercise now to abolish certain words, that would be beside the point. Rather, I'm enjoying the evolution that is evidently taking place, observing that which triggers my awareness and rejoicing in the happy mix that is our human existence during this time of transition from one dimension into the next. I can't say, I could have chosen a better time to be alive.

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