Friday, August 19, 2011


When mercury runs retrograde, writing a daily blurp is turning out to be rather difficult for me. Words have usually never failed me, but it seems to me that lately, the energies are such that I'm experiencing vast stretches of time in my day with a sense of what I could best describe as a "pause". There's just nothing going on in my head and no decisions to make etc. Life isn't halting at that moment, but nothing pressing is showing up on my radar, the mind is still.

Tonight, coming home from a wonderful evening with friends, knitting hilariously silly things like turtles that turn inside out to be a frog (toy) or a Dalek (from Doctor Who) with lots of bobbies on it. Newcomers to knitting producing something that could end up being a mustache warmer or perhaps rather a pot holder. Mouse tails and knitting props (yarn and needles), just to fit in were only the beginning for our bantering, the absolute roaring success was the "seldom found in the wild" African Bear... giggles aplenty and silly word games and jokes rounded up this delightful gathering. Mercury retrograde does not only make me speechless, void of words when I'm on my own, but brings obviously out the eye and ear for silly sideways connections which bring out the unstoppable giggles in me.

This will have to make do for a blog - an amazing end of my day filled with gratitude over the humor and laughter with one comment sillier than the next. A dance of many, all in various states of hilarity, bringing unity into the group, not only through our crafts, but also in hearts and minds.

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