Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Go About Changing a Core Belief

It's all good and well to proclaim that I am going to change my core belief. Even if I'm just testing out a theory here, I feel there may be voices out there who cry: "but how!???!" - that's a very valid question. I don't think I could write a whole how-to-book on this one however.  All I have are a few hints. What I do know is that each and every person has exactly what it takes to find their most beautiful and satisfying, individual core belief. All it takes usually, to begin a process that brings change is the heart felt intention. It's ok to stand in front of the mirror and voice this intent to change your core belief right straight into your own face. I actually recommend this, as it makes things so intensely real.

After intent for a  new core belief has been declared, (it can be anything...I just happen to like "joy"), there usually follows an experience that I can best describe as a flood of energy going through your system where you fully embrace this new belief. There is a period where you wear that new emotion, that new belief in order to familiarize yourself with how that feels. That would probably be the first step.

The rest is an ongoing awareness project. The exercise consists of checking in multiple times a day, to check whether that new core belief is present, and if not, to call that new feeling into the realm of emotional experience and flood the whole system of yours again with that new feeling. I cannot say how long it will take before it is all automatic and your outlook towards life has fully changed. I believe that to be individual. I'm however certain, that when you keep at it, in good faith, there will be a change. You may also find yourself go through a period where the central emotion/belief changes face. That's ok. I think one should let the inner guidance find a way to have a say as well and shape this so that it becomes so comfy that all you want to do is immerse yourself in the new sensations. After all, we want to create something new and that can and should be something we're absolutely fond of.

Practice makes perfect. Practice and continual reinforcement of this new pattern will cause it to take hold sooner or later. Some say, it takes 90 consecutive days before it becomes natural and unforced. I think it will take as long as it does and every step of this journey can be enjoyed, not only the destination. Have fun with it, try it out and most of all, enjoy that which unfolds before you.

What can you do when old negative, fear based patterns show up ? - You can embrace them, for they kept you safe all these years. Then you simply decide to replace them with the new sensation and the thought/wish to do that will take care of that. Make sure you flood yourself with the new imprint numerous times a day though and know that you can always briefly dabble in the fear patterns at will, should you really feel nostalgic about them.

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