Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding your Passion

Diversity is what strikes me most when I look at humanity. All it takes is a look around you to see how each and every person is intricately different from the next. The potential inherent in these many folks can be seen and it looks like a huge display of fireworks. It is however remarkable how very few have actually found their passion in life, when I think that each and every one incarnated here on Earth came with a passion, something they wanted to focus on and explore. We see those who are daring enough to follow their passion regardless of societal restraints and customs as heroes. We see them as saints or at the very least as gifted.

What humanity as a whole doesn't quite see nor understand, is that each and every soul incarnated here has the same sovereign right to tap into their personal passion and explore it. This is what makes incarnating into the Earth experience so sought after. The question remains as to why some people find their passion, whereas others are blind to it, or just can't seem to get in touch with their mission. There are a few possibilities here and although each story may look very different from the next, I bet there is a common denominator. Of course, I can only speak for myself. On my journey, I came with a very clear and distinct talent, a set of talents actually. I came with gifts and a very clear drive. I did not quite understand that drive, but it made me do things that I could not control. I do remember being 12 years old and the question at that age in Switzerland revolves around the path of education one should choose in order to "become" something or other. Career choice counseling was standard for every 6th grader. Had I known then to march in there and say: "OK, I love to dream, conjure up new realities, I'm a visionary, I speak with spirits and would like to fix what's wrong in people, so that they end up seeing their own beauty." I believe I would have seen quite some astonished faces. Quite possibly I would have ended up at a psychiatrist's office and my dear concerned parents (who were clueless as to who I really am) would have given me more than valium (which I was given at some point, so I would stop talking about the fairy world). Clearly, at 12, I was "smart" enough to keep that hidden. All I had managed to say was: I want to work with people". Ah...the face of the counselor had lit up with a knowing smile and he suggested I work in hotels. After all, that's where a lot of people can be found.  (Today, I could possibly see that I would have enjoyed "Career Counseling" much more than "Hotel Service"). There was that ominous sound of confirmation, a stamp thundered onto my file, case closed, counsel given. I ended up going to Hotel School. It was that quick and easy to miss the mark back in 1973.

After having enjoyed the people in hotels for a mere 2 years after my bachelor's degree, I understood that this just wasn't my scene. However, I had had ample time to practice languages and I had met an Italian "witch", one of my staff, who worked as a chamber maid and she introduced me to Astrology and Tarot (in Italian!) These pivotal moments in my early career make up for the counselor's ignorance and he is entirely forgiven for not seeing who I am or what my passion is. What I mean to say with my story here is, that even if you find yourself in a place where you know with all certainty, you don't really belong, there are things you will learn, people you will meet that do fit your path to finding your passion (mission) in life.

Following that episode, it took me 30 years, night school, long distance studies, 2 more degrees, immigration and creating a family that keeps me at home and does not want me to seek employment where just one talent (typing) is used, to finally come full circle to realize that my only passion in life is the very thing I had been so keen on as a pre-teen/teenager.

I think it is around age 14, where that magical number 7 doubles onto itself, when kids get in touch with their passion, their mission in life. I see many people who have made the same experience, that they find themselves back to where they were with their interests. Back at roughly the age of 14. Logic has it, that we can let review pass and travel back in our memories to see what we were enjoying most around that age, truly that which we wanted to do instead of going to school. I dare say, there is a great chance, it was in some form that which you came to explore here on Earth. The form may be different today, but the essence of what we loved so much is still the same.

I offer this information to those who yearn to re-connect with their mission/passion in life. Go back in time and sense the feelings and sensations that you had when you did what you loved most at age 14. Give it a go! When you identify that little grain of truth within you, you will find your heart opening in response. When that happens, you know you found the essence of your passion and you can then go about bringing it back into your life more and more until you are in full alignment with it. The form it may take today is most likely a bit different from what you did as a kid, but in essence it is the very thing you so loved doing. That's when you felt alive then and that's when you will feel alive again now.

It is my dream that more and more people find their passion. It takes courage to go about implementing it again into a life that has taken some twists and turns to anchor into a droning repetition of some motions that were deemed suitable by others, but never really resonated with who you are. It does take lots of courage at times to make changes, but in the end, the rewards will be enormous. Creativity, fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, inspiration, love for oneself, respect and integrity are but a few of these rewards.

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