Monday, August 8, 2011

Changing My Core Belief

Sometimes, we're strictly speaking just plain unhappy about the cards we feel we have been dealt. There is a distinct attribution of authority we give to an outside influence or power, who was or is responsible for dealing the cards. The concept that we are both the card dealer and the player of the game here is a difficult one to swallow, for why would we be so silly and deal a hand of cards that is so difficult to play ?

We find perhaps our body to be lacking certain attributes that we admire in others, or our intellect is perhaps just shy of that genius level, we think we would want to be at. Perhaps our emotional fortitude is either too strong or too weak - there are many levels and points of contention that we could list, I'm sure each and every one of us humans has such a list somewhere. Of course such a list is highly subjective and if we got to read another's list, we'd make big surprise faces and wondered why that person wasn't just grateful with all the gifts they actually have. Well, that's a really good point here. I imagine, whoever is in charge on the other side of the veil, before incarnation plans and contracts are approved is equally surprised at that which we signal back to them. Perhaps it's not as much surprise, as it is with a sigh of compassionate understanding that our helpers and guides on the other side embrace our whining and worrying that we send out often on a daily basis, we're just not happy with our "lot in life" and that's obviously quite common.

I'm wondering what it would take to enter into a state of absolute contentment. I admit, there are numerous things in this life time of mine, that I still make google eyes at and scratch my head going: "what the heck??". I have however calmed down a lot in the departments of "poor me - or why me", attitudes which contributed to an emotional drama ride that was noteworthy. Well, every carnival ride eventually ends and we can then exit the seats with wobbly knees and all that remains is the memory of the roller coaster ride. It was certainly thrilling - was it necessary? Perhaps not, but it was a blast! - right?

In my experience, each and every little or large event we go through is EXACTLY as it is supposed to be. Each one of them has it's purpose. There is simply no waste of energy when it comes to that. Often times I marvel at the precision with which chains of events unfold and link together. It's beautiful to observe and admittedly, sometimes it's rather difficult to be in it and endure that which is happening. As we move more and more into the states of co-creators, we begin to seize our power and take our positions in the ranks of conscious beings who make things happen on purpose. The roller coaster rides, where we felt so out of control no longer are the norm and things calm down quite a bit. We are able to choose with ever growing awareness and with that gain a certain amount of steering for our life time. At least for some instances.

I've always had the drive to get to the core of things, to understand things from the centermost point towards the outside and although I cannot claim to have mastered this, I've certainly gained some skills by now. I found that if we chose something that we can focus on, make our innermost reality, the center point of energy which then serves as a base for every other experience, we can in the outward reflection of ourselves live a reality that must be different from the one experienced prior to that. At this point in my development, I've chosen to give this a try. I can call it BETA-testing - I'm simply focusing on my innermost experience and it should be one that brings me joy. If the energy of joy is my drive, my engine and my center, then, so logic has it, it must reflect in my reality. So far, I can see the tendrils of joy that I have begun to string out and the weave of a new reality is beginning. It's still wobbly at times, old patterns surface now and again and I have some work to do to change them into their joyous counterparts, (it's BETA testing after all...) but it is possible to let go of the things that cause worry and focus on the things that bring joy. It really is possible. Imagine a world of human reality weaves dancing with each other, where joy is the focus, rather than the disgruntled unhappiness that is so prevalent at this time!

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