Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Discover Your Potential

Quite possibly, the learning paradigm here in the world of duality on Earth is one where only partial potential can be explored. I find actually that certain avenues are simply closed off for me. It is not a lack of intelligence, but rather an inability to focus for any length of time on a specific subject. This life time, I've come with some dead ends when it comes to the sciences. The arts are wide open it seems and I am enjoying that part very much. I've long since accepted the fact that politics, law and government, economic studies and science are just not the subjects to find my bliss in. I've got but a very basic understanding of those subjects and even though things would interest me and I do know how to read, the topics just don't sink in all the way. I get what I call a "mush brain" and lose interest quite suddenly.

I imagine that this is similar for other people. Some topics are easy, others are sheer impossible to absorb. One thing however, so my belief, is within the scope of every single person on the planet. It has nothing to do with social status, ability to learn, studying at a certain school nor being in a special group of people or even enjoying absolute stillness in solitude. No matter who you are, no matter what your path, chosen or pre-ordained. No matter the learning contracts that you brought along, no matter whether you follow a mainstream freeway or tread your own new path through the forest. One potential is inherent in every human being here on Earth. This one potential is the potential to choose love. In every heart, there resides a spark. In every heart there is that precious connection to your soul. It is a flame that will never ever be extinguished. Even in the darkest experience imaginable, there is that one potential, that one choice that can be made to turn inward and seek your own special light.

Regardless of social station, outward achievements, poverty, riches - regardless of simply any outer circumstance you can conceive of. This potential to reach your own spark, connect with your own soul's light just IS. It is yours to choose, it is yours to experience and it will never vanish. It sits there, in your heart, quietly waiting for you to bring your attention to this flame. It will wait life time after life time, it's the most patient thing there is. It exists beyond time and space and it is always up for grabs. There is one thing it will not do and that is to sway you one way or the other or push you into something that you do not wish. It will wait until that moment when you exercise your own free will to choose to seek it out. But once you do - you will never "unknow" its existence and your life will most certainly not be as it was.

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