Friday, April 1, 2011

The Air we Breathe

The true meaning of unity isn't just unity consciousness with all of our own kind. To me it goes far deeper than that. It is the consciousness that permeates everything simultaneously and understands or perceives at least a fraction of how everything is linked together, how things work in harmony like an orchestra playing it's symphony.

It is in this sense that healing for the whole of this biosphere cannot happen simply by hoping to step into unity consicousness of humanity. That is by definition already only a group consciousness. The greater levels of this is when birds, bees, trees, animals, waterways etc etc all are part of our consciousness.

I was in such a state of unity consciousness when I leaned against an old tree and picked up a conversation with it. It told me that the trees this year will have a whole lot of work to do. They have put on their costume, their leaves very early this Spring, at least in my geographic area and this very old tree told me in no uncertain terms, that all trees growing on Earth are gearing up to cleanse the air. It is a big project, it is carried to the tree group consciousness on the energetic frequency of the Earth itself. The tree I spoke with told me that they would like to get as much assistance and love energy as possible. This can happen through the element water, that is one way, but also simply through the air. The trees are very much linked with the physical bodies of the air breathing creatures on this planet. Both are necessary, as our breathing cycles complement each other. In this intimate interaction, we humans cannot think ourselves to exist outside of the existence of trees and other plants that are part of the oxygen - carbon dioxide cycle.

As we have seen the water carry through its element the gratitude, love and heart felt vibes to all waters of this Earth, the same effect can be achieved with every other element as well. There are many wisdom traditions that use the breath or breath work consciously. There are folks who may be drawn to the pranayama practices and then there are others who aren't drawn to a specific practice at all. It takes but a wee intent to breathe in sustenance and survival from the air and breathe out gratitude and love. The tree I spoke with showed me that this cycle can offer much more than mere survival of the physical bodies. It can be consciously used to help clean the biosphere and the time to do this is now.

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