Friday, April 15, 2011

Reality - Revisited

The creation of reality, one's own experience is intrinsically linked to one's own belief systems, as well as the thought patterns. It is possibly for that reason, that the old wisdom traditions advise to still the mind. With a stilled mind, control over one's emotions by means of  integration of the emotional ups and downs without having the mind join the dance is much easier. Thus the experience of one's reality becomes much calmer, more understandable by unprejudiced observation and in turn, the observation of the outside reflection of one's inner nature becomes a lot easier to read.

Until recently, the experience of my own reality has been linked to a sense of "space", a field of experiences. This perception has slowly changed and morphed into an understanding that I don't have to push something that is undesirable to me out of my reality. I have exercised shifting my focus seemingly sideways and have stepped into an experience where certain perhaps undesirable things are not part of my personal experience any longer, they just fade away.

In this sense, I have for example been fully aware of some undesirable things that happen collectively on the planet, but I have no personal experience of it, because I do, after the acknowledgment of the "facts" not dwell on the issue. This refusal to dwell on an issue, like for example radiation fallout, means for me not to keep reading about it. It means a steadfast refusal to keep wondering about whether or not the Pacific Northwest is going to become affected by radioactivity. It means not to allow fear, nor reports of ever worsening conditions to enter my consciousness. If they do enter my consciousness anyways, there is a very elegant means of allowing them to pass through my system unhindered and let them flow away gently. I do this with the conviction and reminder that it is enough to be aware, that there is a problem with radiation in Japan, but it does not have to persist or dominate my consciousness.

The repeated reports of how bad it is, serve no other purpose than to bring many peoples' attention and energetic focus on how bad it really is, the "reality" of the disaster. This sort of attention will undoubtedly create just that very sort of reality. I stay away from doing that. I am responsible for my part in the co-creation of this world and I choose not to bring radioactive fallout into that reality. I am doing my part. I do this part in full awareness that there has been the disaster and that in Japan, things are less than rosy. I do Japan a much greater favor though by actively creating a better world by bringing my focus into a place where I visualize a better, more harmonious outcome. I am continuing to shine the light of unconditional love and compassion on the affected area and I am dreaming up this new world and during my contemplation, I have found that the waves of fear create the very difficulties that are happening.

There are still voices that blame this or that for the disaster. These voices seem to come in waves, when one wave is done with the fear mongering, the next one is insisting that we focus on how bad things are, by telling us the "reality".  This is exactly in line with actively being part of creating a reality. I perceive that the many people's thoughts and feelings about the disaster that are geared towards the negative pole of the options for the outcome by being "real" are in fact lending their energy to the actual creation of the continued difficulties. It's a choice to become responsible and get a really good check on one's mind, fears, be selective what information is being read. I am most certainly not sticking my head in the sand, for I am aware of the initial disaster. However, it is in our power to create a different outcome.

In this push to take personal responsibility for my thoughts, my emotions around this difficult topic, I realized that my reality can shift into one where the disaster may have occurred but the outcome is a different one. I can do that and experience in my personal reality that there is no radioactive fallout. I am free of fear of this potential hazard. In this realization lies another kernel of truth for me. That field of my own personal reality is not a field outside of myself. It is my own essence that is the fabric of my creation. I AM my own reality. This revelation firms up my conviction that I hold sole responsibility for my own reality, my creation, my experience, for it is my energy alone that I am experiencing. It thus solidifies this most certainly as my personal truth, but I do also believe that I may just have stumbled over a Universal truth here.

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