Friday, April 22, 2011

Unity Consciousness and Realities

My musings on this Good Friday (it is a good Friday indeed), have been inspired by a renewed wave of youtube videos and various blog posts that try to tell me "the truth" or "the reality" of how disastrous everything is. My reaction to these bits of information is one of being irked. It doesn't sit well, it doesn't feel true at all to me this way and I am facing the problem of looking at these obviously plausible "truths" and have to ask myself why it irks me so.

The content of the messages doesn't trigger my irk factor, it is more that they are seemingly being peddled with what appears to me to be an intent to inform me of "the reality". I have gone within and tried to find a place of peace with these bits of information. I have decided in the past that I can just not give them any time, not give them my energy. Still, they seem to pop up on my horizon and irk me. Hence, there is something for me to find. It is not a sense of personal "irking" that bothers me. It's deeper than that for me. It causes a stir in my innermost sense of who I am. Something says point blank: "this peddling and perpetuating of "realities" whether positive or negative, is "wrong". (wrong=feels out of alignment with the Divine)

As I move through my own process of seeking (my own) truth, I realize that unity consciousness is at stake here. I realize that unless I maintain that each and every person has their own personal reality, there cannot be peace in this war of realities we are currently in. Unless I extend the birthright to my own experience and thus my own reality, onto every single person on this planet (and beyond), I am participating in the war of realities and am not facilitating unity consciousness. Isn't it so, that the person who with all well-meaning intent shares their message of "this is the truth, this is THE reality and we need to be afraid of it" (thinking of messages shedding so called light onto the situation or radioactive fallout for instance ...but many others too) and with these messages tries to "warn" others is negating one very pivotal thing within themselves. For the sake of working through this to gain more clarity within myself, I dare suppose that they may personally be in a reality where fear is present. They are allowed that reality. It's fully theirs. Are they allowed to share that reality with others? Yes, of course they are, but wouldn't it be more truthful and more in alignment with themselves, if they shared these fear-mongering videos and messages with a true statement like: "I am afraid of this and I wish to share my fear of this".  If this were the case, the outpouring of love, light and compassion from their friends would be instant, I'm pretty sure of that. It would not only trigger a different response from others, but it would be fully respected as "their reality".

This respect and honoring of another's reality carries seemingly a sense of separation, after all, that would split us up into just under 7 billion realities. I have felt a distinct drive toward unity consciousness. In this drive, so I am shown, so I experience in my own reality, for me alone, in my very personal reality, (enough disclaimers?) I witness and experience on my inner movie screen the seeming explosion (of Divine Unity Consciousness) into the myriad of "little" personal realities.

In order to end the war on realities and bring about peace and unity, I respect and honor each and every fragment as part of the whole. Each and every different reality is an expression of each fragment of the Divine ONE. There may be realities that are similar to each other, but there cannot ever be two fully identical realities. The full understanding of this may not be possible for me while I am in this body, but to the extent I do understand this, it means one thing alone - the sooner I stop trying to make my reality that of the other(s), the closer I can get to unity consciousness, and thus experience unity consciousness (or as I term it: the return to the ONE). And this is just my reality.

At this point, please let me openly own that in the past I have clearly transgressed and tried to share my reality as if it were something other than a very personal thing. I shall henceforth pay very close attention to disengage from that desire to do more than just share my reality with others and take away any expectation what that sharing should provoke.

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