Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When will I be able to fly?

When will I be able to fly? - That question has been brought to me by a very honest and sincere seeker. It was asked in jest - well, partial jest at least. As I reflect on the essence of this question, I experience the decades of personal growth work I have behind me. I experience the many voices that I have heard of people who are well and busy on their own journeys towards the higher frequencies. Yes, the many skills we dream of today, that are hampered because of the density of this 3-dimensional experience will become available. It is the fabric of gravity, that is the glue for the 3-dimensional realities. The 3D-frequencies bring a density level that is responsible for the solid world we experience. Once in 5D, we will experience everything a bit differently. Things will change, the nature of reality will change as we change our perceptions. So, when will we be able to fly? (levitate, use telekinesis etc. ?) - It will become possible as soon as the Earth has reached a higher frequency that will grant a less strong gravitational field and the solid things become more permeable, as their frequencies too are higher.

This is how my support crew from beyond the veil has explained it to me. With this information comes a very endearing reminder that answers the initial question of "When will I be able to fly?" - it comes in the form of a counter-question:  "Why don't you decide to enjoy a walk in nature instead, while you still can?" - What is meant, (that was shown to me in images) was that yes, the Earth is well under way towards a higher frequency and things will change, we have but a short time left to enjoy the world of the 3rd dimension. Perception will change for good and experiences will gain the flavor of "remember when?"... It is with great love and compassion that my support team guides me and shows me that there is no better time than the now and that during this now, I better enjoy what I can of the 3rd dimensional world, for it soon won't be this way any longer.

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