Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shared Reality

On an ordinary day, my reality seems to unfold, open up to possibilities that I have learned not to control. In this flow there are moments of sheer joy. I find that when I am blessed with such moments, my soul has but one drive. It is not only adamant that I experience that joy to its fullest possible extent, it also seeks to share. It seems to me to be a very natural drive that is innate. As a soul exploring this physical reality, which is solely mine and doesn't find it's identical twin-reality anywhere, simply because there is none, I find that this drive for sharing the good (and the bad) moments is a natural thing to do for any soul.

Just recently, I have hit upon such a wonderful moment of joy, revelations came to me and I was able to share this with a friend who at the same time tapped into the energy of the revelation and applied the forthcoming knowledge to his reality. We both giggled like crazy, the joy of the moment made us jump for joy and holler, grin and hug. It wasn't just my moment, my reality, we were both in a state of shared reality. In that state, the joy was exponentially magnified and the truth of the moment seemed to be so very palpable and real for both of us. Clearly, it was like being in a shared state of a "high". Our energies had risen in frequency during that experience and we both knew that we were soaring in that moment.

The most interesting thing that I could take from this experience was that although we experienced and shared this one moment of shared reality, our own realities never ceased to exist. My reality was permeating the shared reality. We were so incredibly anchored in our own experience, yet at the same time experienced the unified experience. It is thus that I experienced both ends of the spectrum, the separation (individual reality) and the unity (shared reality). I am absolutely convinced that one is the prerequisite for the other. I maintain that without being firmly anchored and sovereign in my own experience, my own reality, I cannot step into a fully shared reality and experience unity that way.

In this whole experience of individual reality with simultaneous experience of the shared reality, the unity, I realize that the rush of joy may well be what souls are after with their drive to share their realities, it's just the attempt to make my reality your reality that carries the distortion. If we maintain our own realities steadfast and respect that individual reality of another, the shared reality will bring only the highest of good, be that a reality that brings forth joy, or one that brings with it sorrow. This is very much in line with a proverb I heard a lot when I was younger: "Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow."


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