Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doing while Being

Not for the first time am I noticing that every application of power really runs a risk. There's that walk on the tight rope, that need to tread lightly, not to force issues, for when I think on that situation that is in my mind that would require my action, I do not know all the details. Too many people are involved making the decisions I have no control over. I've pretty much done everything in my power to facilitate the outcome that I feel is the best one. I have held the space of unconditional love, the light of truth and continue to do so. I do not know whether that outcome that I am holding in my heart as my wish is in true alignment with what the Universe wants of me and my loved ones. I do not know whether that outcome that I think may be the best one is truly the best possible outcome for all people involved in this lesson. I have no idea!

It is the act of humbling myself down to the place where I accept that I do not know. I accept that the moment I stick even the slightest bit of my toe out into the future in order to project an outcome, I am leaving the now and therefore I leave the intuitive universal flow and I begin trying to manage, manipulate and power through what is before me in ways that may potentially wreck more havoc than if I sat still and did nothing at all. Yet the drive to do something, just something! is so strong.

I can do something, but it isn't in the form of application of solar plexus based power. I have to recognize that my drive, my inner need to do something is borne out of fear. The doubt that everything is as it is supposed to be, so unlike the ideal situation where I can recognize this fact clearly. This doubt is that form of fear that is linked to the future, the outcome, the possible (perceived) "failure" or different outcome from what I deem to be the best outcome. This doubt is what is at the core of my unrest and it keeps pulling me out from my center. I contemplate this doubt and realize in a flash, that at it's polar opposite it is called faith. If I want the energy of faith to enter my consciousness, my heart, I have to accept the doubt which out of old habit, I have pushed away from me, didn't want to feel that silly doubt. I make a conscious effort to embrace that doubt and am rewarded with a flood of faith. The polarities are not that far apart anymore it seems. I allow doubt to be there, opposite the faith in the Universe's wisdom. With that little adjustment, I can find my way back into this place of now, where I am alert, fearless, worry free and a clear receptor for the intuition that will guide my next step in the process of "taking action to work a miracle". Only when I am in this place of clarity will I be able to know what lies before me, what needs to be done. Only then do I surrender to my inner guidance where I know when it is time to DO something and by doing only when I'm moved to doing something, I am then in a state of Doing while Being (centered).

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