Monday, April 4, 2011

Working Miracles

"How to make God laugh? - Make a plan!"
It is along that line that some plans seem to manifest not quite how we perceive and map them out in the beginning. There is the intent, there is the odds and then there's the action that should propel one towards the planned goal. Oops - then there's timing too and then there's this odd thing that is called "lessons".

Situations like these try our patience at the very least and we have a choice as to how to navigate them. We can chose to believe that "everything went wrong", just because things didn't pan out as we had originally planned and throw in the towel and perhaps be mad about how unfair life is.That is one possible reaction. We do have other choices though and one of them is to surrender to the process that usually hasn't quite unfolded at the first sign of "results",  even if it looks at times very painfully like things have gone astray. Only hindsight will give us an accurate perception. So all that's left is to stay centered in the base of our new reality, the High Heart Chakra. There we can see the situation as it is. We then have options, we can fold and give up and just surrender to whatever it is that unfolds and live the path of non-attachment to the outcome with a sense of equanimity, or we can take a more proactive stance and still work out our miracle.

Working a miracle is not going to be like putting my will into a situation and power my way through it so that I end up with the result that I wanted in the first place. Working a true miracle would be to shine my light of truth onto the situation that hasn't panned out yet as I had wished, without conditions. This I can do in the full understanding that this light of truth will shift things around, just like in one of those number puzzles where you slide the little number squares around to make room for another one to come in between.

I am filled with gratitude that working miracles is that easy. A difficult situation can be resolved that way without having to do anything other than shine that light of truth onto it. It is the very same action as sending unconditional love to another being, or to the water etc. It is that very same energy that will bring the truth to a situation and let it unfold exactly for the highest good for all involved. Be this a situation that is of minor impact on the whole of mankind or the world, or one of greater influence. It matters very little, every difficult situation can benefit from that gentle adjustment that can occur if it is bathed in the light of truth, the unconditional love.

If a situation is bathed in that light, nothing that isn't in harmonious alignment with the universe and all of creation will be able to remain in place. There is no need to point fingers, there is no need to take direct action, there is no need to be the one who does the shuffling of the number tiles on our puzzle. If one is in such a state of surrender to the will of the One, there is only one remaining answer: "Everything is in Divine Order" - the miracle will be visible later.

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