Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hubs and Travelers - A Vision

Another tidbit out of my greater vision for life in the 5th dimension has pushed onto my radar of awareness. As I focus on the sense of need for people to be in the right place, to move where they are needed to play out their roles for this journey in greater perfection, I have looked at a way in which such travel could be made very easy.

When the basic needs are met, people can focus on their spiritual development. If humanity is expanding their consciousness into their personal understanding of spirituality, certain acts will become unfathomable and the world will become a safer place. The problem lies therein that a lot of people are still struggling to meet their basic needs for survival. This is the clue for the downward spiral away from spiritual understanding and spirit based living. The opposite is true as well and held ready in the form of potential.

In my vision, this migration of people into the geographic place where they need to be, that "walkabout",  is supported by the community hubs in a very simple fashion. The communities are fully able to support a traveler for a short amount of time with sustenance, safety and shelter. These very basic needs can be met by the community. The traveler thus carefree will tap into his heart and know that there is a skill that he/she has to create a balance, just something that helps the community in turn, be it information from the place he came from, or a skill that would satisfy one of the needs in the community, or it could be just another pair of hands that helps out wherever there is need.

Such hubs, such communities would work by the recognition of soul groups and thus gather and draw those who belong together, or who complement each other in harmonious ways. This may be for long term or for shorter periods of time. Freedom would lie in the fact that nobody is obligated to "stick it out", everyone is allowed to go where their heart draws them, where their guidance and intuition places them.

Some may stay their whole life in the same community and others may roam. Others still may stay for a long time, then find a different hub and stay there for a long time. There is no judgment, no need to define this, as each person has their own inner navigation system, to be exactly in the right place at the right time for the right duration, creating balance within the community by bringing their skill to the mix.

The bottom line of this concept, this glimpse into the future is one that can be summed up as follows:

Everyone has a skill (or two or three...) that is worth sharing. Everyone has the ability to sense whether he/she is in the right place and more pronounced, everyone has the ability to sense whether he/she is not exactly where he/she needs to be and feels the pull/push/draw to change that. This is the individual navigation system that has a purpose. The more we get in touch with our higher selves, the more this sense of needing to be somewhere else, or if you're in the right place, a sense of "this is where I need to be" will be prevalent.
The very same inner sense of our navigation system will pipe up in our intuition if we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing. If we're not in harmony with our "duty call", or simply if that which we are currently doing isn't conducive for maximum learning. To navigate thus requires a good portion of trust in the Universe and in oneself. The moment you follow that navigation system on your life's path however, the state of joy that ensues is well worth it.

On the other side, giving shelter, sharing food and amenities with friends who have embarked on such a path may be the beginning of the implementation of such a vision for the future. Begin with friends, people you trust, see it unfold and recognize that you're "in training" as hosts, in training to receive what said friends have to give on their way through your own hub, your very own little community. Not only will this kind of hospitality open your heart and that of your friends, it will spread the energy of this kind of life style of being in the now, in the flow of unconditional love and set a precedent for what can possibly evolve to the greater vision from the babysteps, the mini-version of the greater concept.

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