Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just an Incredible Playground

I perceive the current energies to be those of the lull before the next wave of light. It offers great fertile soil for integration of the new things that came with the last wave. In this integration, there are not many new dramatic discoveries for me. It's more like some puzzle pieces that have floated slightly above the fuller picture have gently settled into their place and I get quiet, wondrous moments of "ahhhh" as I watch the new picture that unfolds on my inner landscape.

One of these puzzle pieces is that as with the drive for unity in people, communities, there is also the need to understand other bits and pieces to be in an already established spot of unity. For unity is the natural state of being for all things, beings, etc - all is energy, and all is one. We can come to this conclusion over and over again, yet from my angle, I see that although we may grant this state of unity to sentient beings, it goes further. It encompasses objects, solid things that are deemed inanimate. They are indeed all animated, made from the same energy base, vital force, than anything else. For me that is the thread that runs through the whole of this Creation, it's visible in the air, in the lattice work of crystals and the fractals found in nature everywhere. It's made of the same substance - all of it.

Furthermore, the sound that comes from a certain object, it's frequency, is in a state of unity with every other sound, (frequency) existing. This view has such far reaching consequences, that I am mighty glad not to inhabit a body with a scientific mind. It is an artist's prerogative to dream, to depart from the solid, visible, palpable "reality" that the rational mind allows. It is the freedom to go to places where science shies away from. I treasure this freedom, for it truly brings the most incredible playground into my life, any time I like to go have a spin on it.

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