Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Alignment with the Divine Plan

I've been pondering how humanity can begin and continue to navigate as one. At first, this seems to be pretty chaotic, imagine everyone just scrambling around for their place in the whole puzzle piece. Then, as I follow the energy of this eventually necessary societal shift into unity consciousness, it becomes very simple for me. At the level of Source, unity consciousness is already in existence. All we have to do is align ourselves with that.

There are currently many folks who are pretty much in a place where they do not wish to be. They are committed to a job they don't like, they come home from said job exhausted and feel drained. There is a reason for this and it hasn't only got to do with not liking the job in particular. The main reason for feeling drained and exhausted after a day's work, isn't that the job is especially hard physically either. I know of some people who sit at a desk day in and day out and after their 40+ hours per week, they are simply at the end of their energetic stamina. The two days on the weekend are most often not enough time to bring back one's energy to a satisfactory stamina level.

There is a reason for this. It is simply, that their job is not in alignment with their life mission, their purpose for being here. Wonderful people as they are, they are locked into a job that is probably far from the contracts they have made before coming here. Not being in alignment with the Creator's will and one's own Divine purpose has this draining effect. Exhaustion is often a clear indicator, a symptom for navigating one's life outside of the easy and always sustaining flow of energy. Contrary to that, when in full alignment with one's life purpose and therefore aligned with the Creator's plan, energy is available abundantly. Another "fringe benefit" would be joy and then the great main reason for getting into alignment with the Source would be the experience of bliss. Bliss is a sovereign right for each soul, as I am told.

The difficulty seems to be to find one's own personal alignment with the greater plan. There are so many limitations that this society on Earth has put into place, all boiling down to the limitations of money it seems. I am very intrigued by the call of the free world charter for a new society that would function without money. ( For this to work and everyone become the valued contributor to their community that they are meant to be, there is that very important alignment with the greater (Divine) plan that needs to happen. For if every person is truly vibrating in full alignment with their potentials and the contracts for learning and experiencing, there will be a harmoniously functioning society unfolding before our very eyes.

For quite some people, getting into alignment that way is a foreign concept. However, it does make sense that one should do exactly that activity where the heart leaps for joy and with it contribute to the common greater good. Out of the 3D corners, I can hear a whole lot of of "ifs, and buts" where there needn't be any.

It is but a first easy step to go to one's heart and acknowledge that there is such a thing as one's own personal "job", one's own personal "destiny" or "calling" here on Earth. Even if we do not fully know what that calling looks like, we can open our heart and intend that we get onto the path to finding just that. Then, all that we need to do is follow our internal GPS (intuition) and do that which is before us, one step at a time. If we keep our eyes open so that we can enter a state of wondrous discovery. I do acknowledge that currently, the paradigm is one where we have to earn a living still, but we can prepare for a society with unity consciousness already now. I am certain that if we ask our higher selves today, we will get more and more into that place of alignment and know what it is we came here to do - after all, isn't the Creator's response to being in alignment, yeah you know, "bliss", enough incentive to give it a shot?

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