Monday, April 18, 2011

Appointment with Destiny

I'm in this one place and I understand that I am exactly where I need to be and there is no need for me to change my location or line of work. In my little place however, I continue to hear of stories. Others bring them to me. In those stories things begin to stir. People begin following an inner call. There are those who sell everything that would keep them in a place and move on, following their hearts. They are such brave souls, for they do not really know or see the exact plan, yet their resolve to follow Spirit's voice which is speaking to them in every encounter, everything they observe, is what moves them along their set path to do exactly what they came here to do at this time.

There are other ways the web, the contracts, are calling folks. There may be that offer for unusual help with a problem or explanations for their projects, that may seem out of the ordinary. There are impromptu meetings with people who are seemingly unmeetable, but will recognize the other instantly. These meetings, these offers of the unusual etc. are pivotal. They are the catalyst for growth and awakening. Amazing messages are being passed along, just enough to break the last barriers. These things, all of them, be it the inner call or an outward synchronistic event, they are indeed appointments with destiny.

It is time to follow one's own heart, get on the journey to answer the individual calls that lead to the type of service, work and joy we are meant to experience here. Everyone has the chance to have an appointment with destiny. Everyone has the free will to say yes or no, when they do have that appointment. If one appointment gets missed, there is a safety net and the window of opportunity will present itself again. Not forever, again and again, but at least 3 times in my experience. There are these safe guards in place, for at the time of making a contract we do know that there is an element of uncertainty, due to free will choice.

Those who openly accept what their appointment with destiny shows them, brings them, triggers for them, will awaken to the new frequencies and follow their path in ever growing consciousness. Thus they can follow what is before them, one step at a time, for in the new paradigm, linear time is replaced by a sequence of moments, time becomes irrelevant. The navigation tool for this journey has always been the heart, it will always be the heart. Thus, the heart (the high heart really) becomes the base for every one of our decisions, for every single step we take and that way, we end up doing exactly what we are supposed to do. As more and more people have their appointment with destiny, or had it a while back, have said "yes" to the awakening, more and more the web can become what it has always been, a fully functioning interlinked net of congruent opportunity and creation. The wondrous mechanism for free flow, for effortless growing, learning and joy.

There is nothing more satisfying than the full awareness that one's place in big web is in exactly the right spot. The extra joy comes from seeing the workings of it, from understanding how things unfolded in absolute, divine perfection to be what they are today. To see that seeming moments of hardship were exactly what was needed to bring a soul to the place they are in this very moment.

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