Monday, April 11, 2011


It's just a feeling, but it surely has me in a grip that demands the utmost vigilance for me to stay in the now, centered and balanced. It is during the times of the lull, when the energies pull back, before the next wave that I feel this feeling. Everything seems to crawl under my skin. I get irritated at seemingly nothing. Things proceed way too slowly for me and in that sensation, everything is cumbersome, dense and I have a very hard time waiting, yet again, for the next wave.

It is my choice how I navigate the lull-times. It is my choice whether I let this sensation dictate how I act in the world. It is my choice, whether I heed the good advice of "patience, my dear"! I cannot say that patience is an innate quality of mine. It's definitely one of the harder lessons for me. It just doesn't seem to come naturally, yet when I struggle with the seeming stagnation of the flow, I find myself often back at this place where patience is needed.

There is power in a word and I can invoke this power by saying this word. Its energy will come forth as I speak it out loud and give it power through my breath. It is then an easy step into this energy field and I tend to absorb as much of it as I can comfortably hold. I use the word PATIENCE today, for it seems to balance out that irritation, that sense of wanting to move on and brings me back into the place of equanimity, the now,  where everything is as it is supposed to be and all is in Divine order.

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