Sunday, April 10, 2011

Healing a Situation at its Core

(A hypothesis)

From a 5D point of perception, I experience the possibility of transcending of time and space. Based on that experience, I am able to take a situation in my reality today and follow its signature through time and space to arrive at the point where it originated. Understanding my essence to have existed prior to this incarnation and having had incarnations throughout the ages that from the point of perception beyond the veil are all happening now and are as easily accessible as jumping to a scene on a DVD, I also understand that I am responsible for today's events that originated way before I was born. There is no more excuse for me to claim: "that was before my time".

In that sense, I understand that this responsibility for today's events that have their root in the past is one that I have the ability to heal and through the awareness of that ability, I choose to take on the job of doing just that. I can take a situation that touches me today and shine the light of truth, unconditional love onto the situation today. I can observe that this exercise offers the viewing of the energetic signature that links the events today with their point of origin in the past. I can coat it all in unconditional love and add the ho'oponopono prayer of "Forgive me, I am sorry, I love you, Thank you, thank you, thank you" to the mix. I do have to mean it though.

Then, I can observe how the healing of the core unfolds and ripples through time and space into the events of today. I may not see the effects of this healing work in this lifetime, but I understand that this hypothesis I am talking about  may be true, even if it is not scientifically proven (yet). I understand that by clearing and healing  situation at its core, I am consciously creating something new.

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