Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Society has defined human interaction in very set ways. There are moral and societal rules when it comes to friendship, romantic relationships and any other human interaction. I've always felt that some of those rules are not in harmony with how I perceive my own relationships with others to go. It seems that a different set of "rules" apply - the rule of affinity, most certainly plays a great role in this for me.

Lately however, my slightly different ways of living, experiencing and enjoying human interactions seem to become ever so clear. The one thing that pops out is that the groups of souls whom I call friends are closer to me than I had experienced before. Not only do I experience these friends as friends, but more as (soul)family, as an integral part of who I am. It matters very little anymore what they do or how they behave, the high heart based life style only sees the soul energy to be of importance and recognizes the ties very clearly. At the same time, I experience these ties to carry an energy that is very freeing. In the intensifying of this experience of the friendship connections, there is also the opposite phenomenon. I am not in the least tempted to form attachments, the way I have experienced before.

I am still a good friend, at least I get that feedback, yet the freedom that is in my heart over clearly having found a group of souls that resonates with me so harmoniously, is an emotion that wants to grow, wants to be put out there, shared. In this sharing, every single one of my friends resides in my heart yet is wonderfully free to be who they are, no matter where their journey may lead. There is but joy and recognition, there is harmony and excitement and a sense of wonder over how far I have traveled before I was able to re-unite with them in this way. I am eternally grateful for my soul-family.

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