Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Treat a Reality

It almost looks to be a natural consequence to the last two blog posts, that I feel the drive to share my experience how my perception of others' realities has changed. In the past, I would pay lip service, my mind had embraced the concept that everyone has their own reality. I was quite comfortable in this understanding but feel that after the blog post  "Unity Consciousness and Realities", I have gained a much deeper understanding what that really means to me. Furthermore, with this expansion in awareness, I am experiencing the ripple effect of what this state of consciousness at this moment shows me. This ripple effect goes quite deep.

Not only do I understand that everyone has their own reality in this new and more profound manner, I understand without even thinking about it, that by dismissing another's reality that has been shared openly and freely, I am trespassing. I am also trespassing, if I take on another's reality as mine. Furthermore, I am trespassing by trying to share my own reality in a manner that holds an expectation that others would take my view point. Even by blogging today, I realize and am fully aware and comfortable with the understanding, that although I am merely giving my drive for sharing my reality an avenue of expression, I hold no expectation on how it is received. There cannot be any expectation any longer, for I would then be trespassing. With trespassing, I mean stepping out of alignment with the Creator.

The new consciousness has such far reaching consequences that I am slowing way down with how I treat other peoples' sharing of their realities within myself. I cannot help but experience the desire, that eventually, everyone would come to this place of consciousness where trespassing on the fabric of realities becomes literally impossible anymore, but I am at the same time ok with the place where anyone's consciousness is.

One place where the sharing of realities shows clearly how boring things become if I deny my own individuality, my own reality. This place is called "consensus reality" ... I've been intuitively distancing myself from consensus reality, and share this reality only in some very basic ways with the consensus "out there". I have over time intuitively known not to follow the trends, but instead put my focus on sticking with my own heart, dance my own jig. I have experienced many sideways glances - well, yeah, attacks too and some things in between. No matter, my dance in my own reality is pretty strong and anchored. I did have huge lessons that taught me not to accept another's reality blindly. Those lessons were tough, but I am incredibly grateful for them, for they make so much sense today. The viewpoint I hold today is one that fits this experience, this epiphany so closely.

I have my reality, you have yours. Today, when I share mine, I have no expectations any longer. When you share yours, I will possibly share with you, but it will never become mine. However, and this I find to be the most important point of today's musings: I will not be able to violate the fabric of your reality any longer by imposing my reality onto yours, not even by comparing my reality with yours. Your reality is as sacred as mine. Your reality IS your essence, projected outward into the world of manifestation and to trample on that in any perceivable way is simply impossible anymore. In that same understanding, I still bravely share my reality, with those who wish to take a glimpse, because I perceive it to be my soul's nature to share and expand, to learn and discern, and with each sharing I offer an opportunity for anyone partaking in my sharing to honor and respect the fabric of my reality, and through that, honor the energy of my essence.

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