Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upside Down

This is the story of a soul who had a "great idea".

One moment, in full blazing beautiful light, there was a spark who had frolicked in the spaces of sweetness long enough to feel the call to craft a new incarnation down on the planet Gaia. She was so excited, that her energies fluctuated wildly and her innate song burst out all over the place. The advisory committee was smiling knowingly. This was a phenomenon that happened so often. These souls, young and old, just got so excited over the prospect of a new opportunity to experience physicality.

This time around, the projections for the planned incarnation was into the time of the great shift on Earth and that was a privilege that this particular soul had earned with many previously successful experiences in physical form. It was quite a special job that this person would have to do. It was quite a big incarnation. Nothing to do with the worldly idea of big, like money or fame, but big in the sense of what it would mean for the Earth and the ascension process which was planned and layed out in detail. The soul had volunteered to be part of it. She had jumped so eagerly at the opportunity that she had to hold herself back a bit. The pair of Advisors layed out the blueprint before that soul and the discussions began. Some things got added, others dropped. It was still unclear, who would be the birth family, and what would be the suitable astrological chart to complement the blueprint's intentions. Then, the excitement of the soul simmered down. She became rather sad, worried that she would be bored with yet another incarnation where things just were the same. She wanted something different, something challenging, something that perhaps had never been done before. She got really creative. No, she didn't want just different bits and pieces of the blueprint to be challenging and different, she wanted the whole incarnation to be different from all others she had ever done. The Advisors took a while to think what could be done. They couldn't find anything really. It was all set up the right way, the way it always was being set up for an expression in a physical body. The rules had to be observed, the matrix of energies had a certain way of fitting into the whole. There was the experience of ascension to integrate into the whole, where the chakras, the energy centers on the phsyical body would have to be "worked through" bottom up - Base first, it made a lot of sense that way. The Advisors just didn't see a way to make things more challenging. All plans were in place to clear any and all karma - that took some doing already and promised quite a few dramatic twists in the play. Frankly, the Advisors thought this was a splendid incarnation, everything was accounted for, they were ready to find a suitable family and a baby's projected birth chart to complete the jump.

The soul's heart energy became very sad. She knew it would be something rather boring again. She hated boredom. That was something she just couldn't stand for very long. Idleness and boredom. There had to be something to create - something that had not been attempted before. She thought long and hard about what could be done with these blueprints that were so perfect in all aspects. She played the planned scenarios through within her consciousness and being a master of polar things, she had the perfect idea - or so she thought.

"Why don't I just incarnate upside down?" she cried. The Advisors heard her and took a while to grasp what she meant to do. Incarnate upside down? Every person is incarnating the right side up - that means, they work the base first and move on to the sacral chakra, then the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye - the crown. Those are the 7 stations of development that an incarnation goes through, each and every attempt at a life time. It dawned on the Advisors what this dear soul had in mind. To incarnate upside down had been attempted, in different ways, but never really lead to anything more than severe hardship. In the physical world, you should build a foundation first, connect with the land, the mother - then work your way up to the heavens. This soul wanted to hang from the heavens and arrive on Earth at the moment of full enlightenment. At first, the Advisors were rather stunned by this proposal. But, it was a volunteer soul. A highly developed soul who didn't have to incarnate any longer, who had just chosen to volunteer for a highly specific job involving the crystal grid that was supposed to be installed around the Planet, to facilitate the actual ascension of the planetary body and all beings on the planet. That was a massive task and many souls were either not trained properly in the task or just had no interest in taking it on. To find a volunteer like this was great luck ! Anything, well, almost anything would be granted to this soul. The Advisors projected that the very task this soul was sent to Earth for was in jeopardy of not getting done, because of the irrationality of incarnating upside down - going through the chakra work in reverse order that is. Crown first, ...Base last.

The soul insisted, made it a real condition and decided that all support needed to be in place so that survival was guaranteed until the base chakra work could be completed, which was going to be later in life from the incarnation's point of view. The Advisors who are advisors because they project possibilities and see potential outcomes, warned this soul that this would be a set-up that was going to be so sorely misunderstood by any teachers, spiritual leaders, anyone who could potentially be of support along the way. It was simply unchartered territory, yet that simple fact of turning this whole experience upside down also excited the Advisors by now. New experiences are always welcomed.

Next, a suitable body had to be found, a family who would guarantee not only the karmic clearance that the soul had planned, but also the support system for simple and basic survival in the physical world. This incarnation would not count on having the integration of the base chakra until later in life and she would have to eat and live nonetheless.

A family was found, it was the perfect family, some members of it were well known to this soul. She made contracts with those souls and so it came that a baby girl was born with the perfect natal chart, lots of air to hang from the heavens, quite a bit of water for intuition and visioning, and fire to be able to take action and most importantly, a simple lack of grounding through a lack of personal influences in the element earth. So the exciting upside down journey began....

(to be continued)


  1. I am really hanging on a cliff on this one, hoping the continuation continues soon... of course, all in the divine right timing of things. Sounds just like something I would have done... :-))

  2. Nice to meet you Anne :) yes, when time is right, I'm sure the next bit will flow from the pen ;))

  3. Maybe I'll get off the cliff then and go have myself a nice picnic and enjoy the view up top... I'll check back for this from time to time. :-)