Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthing into a New Paradigm

It is a distinct memory that I had today. I do not know how relevant it is to blog about it, but I do see parallels between my memory and what may be going on in the lives of many souls at this point. I say "may" because I cannot really say it is in fact what it reminds me of. The memory I had was of the two birthing experiences I have lived through this life time. In both instances, a few days, even a week or more prior to the actual birthing process, I felt like being pregnant was just the worst thing in the world. I remember distinctly this feeling of how awful it is to be pregnant, huge belly, frequent pit stops, all that jazz. I was so totally and utterly done with being pregnant that I was yearning for the contractions to begin. No birthing pain could be strong enough for me to want to shy away from the next unavoidable step of giving birth to my child. Although both births were in no way shape or form comparable, they had their own unique rhythms and intensity levels, I distinctly remember that the time shortly before it all began, was exactly the same. It was such a distinct feeling and I believe I am not the only mom who ever felt like this.

I understand this sensation of "I am done" to be very useful in the process of letting go. The grumpiness that I felt inside, the irritability, yes even the feelings of anger that bubbled up within me all geared me towards the inevitable grandiose moment of birthing my child. I felt these emotions and sensations to be very organic and natural, even though they had nothing to do with the joyous anticipation of becoming a mother. They set the stage for easy parting. They set the stage for an easy transition from one state of existence into another. It was easy to let go of that baby and I was yearning to give birth to it.

In that same fashion, so it seems, I see people really getting fed up, angry, irritable with the paradigm of duality. They seem to be in exactly this stage where after a bit, letting go and birthing into the new paradigm of unity is possible. When enough is enough and your sense inside is one of "I'm just DONE!" then possibly, it may not be very long before you step into the new frequencies of the 5th dimension, birthing yourself into a new paradigm.

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