Sunday, May 8, 2011


How fleeting it is - Mother's day is today. I hear of a new baby born to a "first-time" mother on this glorious day. It is a beautiful event. Yet it is also just a fleeting moment. A moment where we realize how important it is to honor others, especially those who have given many years of their lives to play the role of mother. The word "play" is not meant in a disrespectful way, rather my perspective from the other side of the veil, where we are just souls, groups of souls giving this experience on Earth here our efforts and playing out the roles in perfect harmony and alignment of the learning contracts. The plays of families keep unfolding, visible in the same stories that have been told over and over again. Yet still, the nurturing image of a mother is most likely one of the most treasured "roles" we can assume. (No matter if we are in a male or female body!).

I had understood as a very young person that mothering wasn't in store for myself. Whole new contracts were drawn up, when my hormonally driven urge to become a mother and the overwhelming desire to have my own babies took over. I let go of all my convictions, all my understanding that I had as a younger person and my wish was finally granted - twice over.

It is with a sense of utter privilege that I have taken on this role and given life to two beautiful children. I understand that my chart, my destiny and all my tools were geared to a child free lifetime, but I took on the challenge of having ill fitting tools in my arsenal and became a mother nonetheless. The greatest joy, the greatest sense of responsibility, the greatest honor has been bestowed upon me 14 plus years ago, when I held my first baby in my arms. Every mother's day, I pause for a brief moment and give thanks that the Universe, and all guides and teachers, masters and angels in charge on the other side had the compassion to grant me this wish. Ill-equipped as I am, I'm treasuring these moments of motherhood above all else in my life.

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