Friday, May 13, 2011

Gratitude for Duality

blogger has lost my post of 5/11/11.. here it is again:

I've been feeling like practicing, multiple times a day. I practice getting back into the state where my heart becomes more and more pure, clear as a crystal as I like to visualize the center of my high heart; where my intent is in alignment with the One and the focus of my experience is outside of duality concepts. In this state I find that reading things that have been written from the point of view of duality is becoming increasingly difficult. It is hard to digest the "fodder". At the same time, writing is becoming more difficult for me as well. I feel myself dropping out of the state of oneness just a tad, in order to even look at the state of oneness and describe how I'm experiencing difficulties in finding something to talk about.

This leads me straight into the energy of gratitude and appreciation of this life time where I began in the the 1960s, seemingly tossed rather aimlessly into the density of the third dimension. I feel the flood of gratitude wash through me in appreciation of the beautiful concepts of duality. How they have so wonderfully given me many dramas to experience. How I have first engaged in one extreme and then swung back to the other - no matter what topic I was exploring at any given moment.

The drive to leave duality, to find the alignment with oneness has propelled me onward on my own journey to seek and never stop seeking, until I reach the place where I can rest. Indeed, oneness is a very calm, restful and peaceful place for me, but in order to convey this experience in the written word, I do have to tap into duality, just a little bit. So far, the point where I feel myself utterly balanced has not allowed me any sharing through this blog. I feel that there are new ways of communication that will develop, the need for something new will be the drive to go exploring and finally end in discovery of the new, more fitting ways, where I can remain in the state of oneness and still express myself suitably.

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