Saturday, May 28, 2011

When Dimensions Meet

A missed opportunity, or so it seemed. An encounter with a person who claimed to be my friend years ago, but had literally pushed me out of her life by being extremely rude. So I met her again today. The rudeness had taken unexpected levels. The levels of fear and insecurity that gave rise to the unprovoked rudeness of simply holding a conversation with the person I was with and blatantly ignoring me while hanging into our space to carry on a meaningless shallow conversation, must have been extremely high. I sat in my place, smiling, beaming unconditional love, for what other energy than that of compassion can reside in my heart at the face of such enormous pain. Pain so great that it is not even felt as pain and would most certainly be denied if put on the spot.

It is all ok, for everything always is. My levels of engagement with the situation were minimal. There are no more points of susceptibility in my personal energy grids and gratitude fills my heart, for years prior to this moment, I would have still felt hurt by being slighted that blatantly. It only speaks for the consciousness level of the soul that has decided to express herself thus. It is with patience and a little bit of sorrow that I see her pop into my reality and leave that place to go where her reality is, I wonder if she even noticed that I was there, or whether my energy levels caused me to be phased in a different frequency from her. In this case, what I perceived as rudeness  may not have been that at all.

In fact, I have heard of this happening before. This would mean that what I perceived to be lack of common decorum, may only have been a lack of perception of my presence.  As I write this, I am wondering further, whether this is just a wee glimpse as to how it will be when 3rd and 5th dimensional experiences meet (or rather shoot off next to each other, without tangibly noticing each other's presence fully...)

It remains to be seen if such instances will happen more often and if I can call it a pattern then. Until then, I understand that only compassion and unconditional love are to flow from my heart towards this friend of old, nothing more and by all means, nothing less.

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