Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Dooms Day Scenarios

I've held back, many many days. I didn't make public what my heart shouted at me every time I opened yet another youtube video telling the world how bad it all is. I have maintained an atmosphere of peace and love, at least in my own little world. It is possible to experience peace and calm amidst dooms day prophecies, amidst dire warnings of the bad things out there. So what if Gaia stretches her limbs, so what if she shakes, even so what if she shakes hard and many many brave people have to go through disasters. I sound callous, I know this. No disrespect is intended for anyone who is personally affected by any of Earth's physical symptoms. I send my utmost respect, I experience the hardships in my heart, right along with you. I extend my love, the light of truth and healing over all areas continuously and I will not stop. I do not see myself separate from this.

At the same time, I cannot buy into any of these dooms day scenarios. They are an attachment to the world of polarity, the world of good and bad. They take that attachment, that love of the dooms day scenario and create fear. I understand that that too is in perfect alignment with everything and it is perfect. Yet, I feel the weight of each person who wakes up and lands in fear first. I share that with all others as well. I share the fear of the awakening to "hey, wake up - something bad is going down" and I want to smooth these ripples. I cannot, I am not allowed to do this. As with birthing contractions, these points of fear serve a very important purpose. This kind of "fear mongering" will awaken more and more people to what is going on and many will say: "I do not wish to live in this fear, show me something better, show me love instead". Such intentions of the heart are what it takes to propel individuals onto their own path of ascension. So for every dooms day video out there, for every light worker that posts them, I bow down before you, I acknowledge the courage you have to spread "bad news". It is such a powerful tool, yet know that eventually, there has to be a point, a moment in time when it enough is enough even for the use of this powerful tool. There will be that point, when globally, dooms day scenarios are just not something worth watching anymore. I long for that moment, I really do.

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