Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Intriguing Arrangments of the Universe

"The Universe will arrange itself exactly according to your beliefs !"

I saw this once as a bumper sticker on a car in town. It has struck me then as a simple truth and since yesterday, when I decided for a new format - you know, the Easy one, I've realized just how true this statement is. It's easy to grasp a concept. It's easy to give it a shot. It's easy even to re-think and shape my beliefs and patterns in a new manner - it's still easy to remember to do it, yes it's even easy to repeat the process numerous times. It's all really easy. I am reminded so often by the song Easy by the Commodores, which seems to play an awful lot on our oldies station lately. This hit from my younger years fills me with that "Easy like Sunday morning" - groove every time.

I was in all easiness not prepared for how often, since my decision to ride on life's highway in the easy lane, I was going to have to repeat my restructuring of my thinking habits. Quite impressive how deep seated my insistence is to have a struggle, to work hard and to have to earn my laurels. The process is ongoing as I easily remind myself over and over again, gently realizing that it takes but a new thought, I suppose this hygiene of my thinking habits is not that world shattering, but to me it has never been this illustrated and clear with immediate manifestations in my reality. I see exactly whether I've dawdled over to the old highway lane or whether I'm happily zooming along in the new one. It's just wondrous how clear it all has become. I chuckle at myself, how hard it was in the earlier days of my life - both experiences, of course reflecting nothing other than my inner landscape. In both experiences, the Universe exactly arranging itself according to my beliefs.

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