Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thy Will

This "Thy Will" (be done) thing is a chunk that keeps popping up in my life sporadically. I've incorporated the perspective that "Thy" is also "My", in the sense that I am everything already. There's nothing I have to bow down to, or worship. There's no religion or specific path that I have to follow other than my very own. I know of the heart, the love and also the balancing of the two aspects, the masculine and the feminine (power and love). It's all very clear, yet today, I woke up feeling imprisoned. It was like an energetic cage had been put over my body. I couldn't expand the way I normally do.

A first thought came unbidden, it was a flicker of fear: "did I fall back out of the higher dimensions of existence ?" I laugh now at the silliness of such thinking, but it was a very distinct fear and only after a bit did it dawn on me, that by this fear impulse I was opening the door for my next step, that I had obviously not done yet. I had been focusing so much on 5D and upper dimensions. I had forgotten, simply disregarded a simple truth. By "leaving" 3D and "stepping into" 5D and higher dimensions, I had created within me the idea of linearity and separation. I understand that that's allowed, but ultimately an illusion. My perspective from where I normally reside makes me laugh at myself so very hard. I had really created a 3D pitfall by not wanting to be in 3D any longer. By creating that thought construct, I had created the idea of separation and thus had put at least one foot into 3D. Today, being fully aware of this tendency of wanting to leave, i.e. having/holding aversion to the 3D world, I strive for the full 5D+ understanding of unity (and that includes ALL dimensions).

I understood that this cage, this energetic cube I found myself in, is indeed not a cage, it's the "app" for freedom (yeah, there's an app for that!). This energetic cube is but an app, a tool, which allows me to maintain my energy frequency and still fully interact with the denser realities of the third dimension. Effortlessly, without having to fear losing my vibrational frequency. That energetic cube is something like a "translator" of energies, something that facilitates interaction. With this "app", I am able to navigate and manifest my 5D ideas in the 3D world. For unity consciousness is not the exploration of one dimension and the aversion against another. It is the comprehensive navigation of all dimensional frequencies that my body can manage. This freedom is releasing the fear I felt this morning and I laugh out loud at my own silliness of having held a belief of separation between dimensions. All is one, any idea of separation is but a 3D construct, the effective and very responsive illusion, that finds manifestation in this physical plane here on Earth.

I also understand that in alignment with Thy Will, these learning steps are forthcoming in divine alignment, divine timing. The ideological corrections can be made effortlessly and all is well. Further steps along the journey's path are most definitely going to come. In this mindset of unity consciousness, Thy Will be done with every single step. It feels wonderful to be back in alignment.

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  1. This blog may have triggered some interpretation that deviates from what I had been trying to express. Therefore I would like to offer this explanation:

    The energetic cube is not really a cage - I had merely experienced it as such, due to some of my patterns. As I have since writing my blog experienced, it is an instrument (a tool/application) for transmuting energy frequencies. (Although I am not versed in sacred geometry, the cube having 4 sides cubed seems to indicate the world of matter, but that is only a sense, not actual knowledge of the geometric forces, as the mathematics side of understanding is quite inaccessible for me in this life time for reasons that I have come to understand.) It has obviously been gifted to facilitate navigation between all dimensions that I am able to experience while in this body temple. 3D has been a very painful and draining experience for me for many decades, yesterday, after navigating within this cube, the venturing out to the grocery store was actually a fun experience and not painful at all. When in the past I would require quite some "down time" to regenerate, I needed none yesterday. I see the use of this cube as a tool which at some point I will no longer need. I have written this blog to communicate this experience, in case other lightworkers have had similar experiences. I am aware that my journey is uniquely mine, but sometimes such gifts are bestowed like a blanket that covers many.