Friday, May 13, 2011

The "I AM Presence"

(blogger was down 5/12 - here's my blog for Thursday, 5/12/11 )

In my mind there is the concept of a pure heart, the high heart, that it is crystal clear and does not have any point where anything could stick to it, it would not reflect anything back other than pure, unconditional love, unaltered in frequency, straight from the Source. While sensing ease when I think on this concept, it is possible that the third dimensional thought concepts keep bringing in linearity into this thought construct, trying to establish how pure anyone’s high heart actually is. Whether it needs purified etc. Although these thought processes are very familiar to me, having navigated in duality for a while now, I know that in order to comprehend the initial concept of the pure heart, I need to take a deep breath and step outside of duality, for there is no high heart anywhere that isn’t pure – it’s that simple.

I also know that by stepping into this energy of the pure high heart, all duality concepts cease their hold on an experience. The duality concepts are still there, visible, notably so, one just does not play with them or identify with them any longer. Instead, by being who one truly is, standing in the presence of the true essence of the Higher Self, an alignment with the One, the Source of all things is experienced and one becomes a conduit for its core energy, unconditional love.

In this state, which I like to call a state of Unity Consciousness, there is no more worry, no fear or pain. In this state, all that will reflect back is that which emanates from that person, which is the energy that is best described as the “I AM Presence” – The energy of Divine Unconditional Love.

We can spin that thought and contemplate about what all could be reflected thus and what may be the result of such a reflection. Whether such speculation is indicated or not, I don’t know. What I am most interested in, is actually doing it, actually being a conduit of unconditional love and ultimately all I know at this point is: Power has found Love, united they shine.

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