Friday, May 20, 2011

It's All About Rapture

Oh my thoughts on the Rapture... well as always, I didn't pay much attention to the "world out there", almost blissfully existing in my very own bubble. I didn't know it was time yet to go rapt.... or to go for a bike ride to go observe the great event *chuckle....

One thing I can say, I've seen a very dear soul awaken to love. The release of the 3D fears and old thinking patterns are ongoing and I've been sitting and absorbing what I can. It's been the greatest test of all tests for me, I've been called on heavily with this service. Maintaining not only my own frequency, but keeping that of a whole household in balance. It felt a bit like accompanying the detox of a person coming off drugs to me. All the "demons" had lined up and reared their ugly heads. Insisting that love indeed is the place where everything disintegrates into seeming nothingness, but in fact I know that the manifestations of the lower vibration just are not able to exist in the higher frequencies. It's seemingly a struggle to maintain the higher frequencies, but in reality, I don't find it to be that difficult. A bit of stubbornness and the understanding that everything IS already made from particles of unconditional love helps that transformation process along quite easily.

To be part of this transition, to be at the side of this soul who has decided to step into the love is an honor and on some level a joy, that is comparable perhaps with being present at a birth. It is exhausting to be the only support this soul has on the Earthly plane, but it is in fact very rewarding as well, as I am able to witness her journey every step of the way in the highest speed imaginable. Now there's rapture for you!

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