Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unity Consciousness Applied

New ideas on how to understand human interactions, especially in group settings are triggering my inspirational juices. From a point of view of unity, of oneness, one thing becomes very clear to me. There is responsibility involved in the experience of my reality. Even if there are seemingly other people's realities that begin meshing with mine, as it would be in a group setting. In the understanding of the old paradigm, it would be a viewpoint of separation. Everyone has their own reality and perhaps there is a shared reality. The thing is, with everyone having their own reality, that bit still exists and is true for me, as I have no intention to carving out a different rule for myself alone. If I have my own reality, so does everyone else.

In unity consciousness, my own experience, my own reality is my own responsibility and there is no doubt in my mind that this includes everyone else who is part of that reality. The moment I experience the reality, all "players" in it become my own responsibility. They are after all a part of myself, ultimately, they are a part of me as they have always been, but I can see and experience the oneness with them very instantly if they are part of my actual experience. That is the tangible point for me. That is where I begin exploring and attempt to fully live unity consciousness.

While experiencing a group setting, there are many dynamics happening all at once. The main dynamic is one of mirroring, closely followed by projections, (seemingly) coming from the other people involved. One could argue at this point, that this is "their stuff" or at the very least "their reality" and has nothing to do with mine. Well I don't think that that holds up with my understanding of things. From the point of view, these other realities, these mirrors that reflect my own nature back towards me and even the images/experiences that are being projected energetically onto my person are my very own responsibility.

The mirrors are an easily understandable concept. The whole group dynamic, or individual interactions are a reflection of my innermost state. The more peaceful I am, the more peaceful the group dynamic will be. I was able to observe a group that was made up of the very same people. I saw this group with different appointed leaders and it was very clear, that the ensuing peace or agitation within this group was directly reflecting the leader's inner state of calmness or in one case more aggressive nature. I saw that it is a leader's responsibility and also opportunity to affect the group experience directly, by monitoring and altering/adjusting his or her innermost state.

Projections are a different sort of animal, but ultimately still my own reality, for if I invite projections that means that they can happen. That means there is a bit inside of myself that also allows for that image to be imprinted onto me, whether I am conscious of this or not. The projections allow us, like the mirrors, to see what it is that makes the totality of who we are. The group members are just the little fractions of us. I only feel gratitude for all the "players" in my reality to give of their time and energy to show me "me". Also, I feel the responsibility that I free up their time and energy so that they don't have to show me so hard and all the time. This, I can achieve with ever present vigilance about what it actually is that I am being shown, what it is that I am responding to, having aversion towards etc. Any emotional ripple the group dynamic has on me is showing me my own point of resonance with absolute accuracy.

Bottom line is, I have an opportunity each and every time there is an interaction with another, or a group, to detect more and more who I really am, what it is that still needs cleared and by clearing myself more and more, I give the group members more freedom to be who they really are, rather than having them spend their time reflecting and projecting. The joy that can result from this kind of applied unity consciousness is just around the corner.

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