Monday, May 2, 2011

Good ol' Speculation

Certain "political" information has hit the news channels world wide. We have a choice to join the energies in different ways. We can be upset, we can grieve over the death of so many that apparently were caused by one person and his organization. We have the choice to call the charade for what it is, we can get upset about the obvious untruths that are being disseminated, the lies we have been "fed". We can cry out and show everyone "proof" of just how wrong the information is. Or - we can step into our 5D consciousness and smile. In the understanding that the new dimension's frequency holds, we can see that it matters very little what the news casters more or less eloquently cast at us. For me, I see that it is an energy that just simply does not mesh with mine, when I am holding the energy frequency of the 5th dimension; these energetic frequencies just simply shoot past one another untouched.

I sit back and observe the various reactions and each and every one is valid in its own beautifully creative manifestation. Each and every reaction is true in its own right. In my reality there is absolutely no need for the ensuing speculation of which reaction would be the "right one" or anything of the sort. They just are reactions and that's that. Does it matter to me whether this one individual even existed? Whether he got brought to "justice" or died years ago? Whether he is still alive? - No it does not. The fear that has been caused in this individual's name for years has been harvested and perpetuated world wide. That fear was and still is an opportunity to be a catalyst for people to find their way into love. When enough find their truth to reside in the energetic frequency of love (well, love married with power that is ;) ...) ... then the bullies will move on, fade away, or simply not exist or be visible in that new frequency. There really is nothing to fear, not even misinformation. With our hearts aligned to the energy frequency of the 5th dimension, truth has its own ring and is very easily recognized. Speculation will be a passtime that remains within the frequency of the 3rd dimension and that is OK that way as well.

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