Saturday, May 14, 2011


After toggling between dimensions, seemingly at random for a number of years before locking into the perspective of the 5th dimension, I've experienced the 3rd dimensional realities almost as a dream state, parallel to my own reality. It was tangible, I was able to navigate within it, but most things in that reality, that dimension felt more like memories from the "olden days". Some are most certainly pleasurable, with others I am glad that I am able to see through their illusion of the one side of the teeter totter, by understanding that the other side, its opposite polarity is equally present at the same moment I encounter one end.

However, there is what I perceive to be something that i could describe as a "gap". This gap between realities (in my very own private perception) seems to widen. More and more, my own heart based experience of life does not fit into the fear based life experiences of old. They are still there, I am quite happy that I encounter these manifestations, for they still serve a purpose, if nothing else, the one of facilitating discernment. I am aware that the fear based manifestations of the 3rd dimension are just as allowed as the heart based manifestations of the 5th. Both are equally allowed. I have worked through the attachment that my experience has to be the one that counts. I have let go of the points of resonance within my heart that want to tell me that something is wrong, or anything of the sort. All is allowed, all is perceived as part of me, hence aversion has found no longer the hold in my heart the way it used to. I am filled with gratitude that this is so. Life has become so very simple.

By embodying that heart based reality every moment of every day anew, In my reality, I create consciously the ripples that flow out in circles with my heart as center point. They are ripples of love, gratitude, peace and harmony. They are ripples of oneness and ripples of the I AM Presence, embodied to the best of my abilities in my physical body. These are the ripples that emanate thus from my heart and they do flow into all directions. I am not aware at what point they decide to reflect their energy back towards me so that I can experience them in my reality, but I know with innate certainty, that they are doing that, whether I pay attention to what is reflected back at me or not. Such is my understanding of the laws of the Universe applied and experienced here on the planet Earth. Such is my understanding of what I sense to be true. It's not a truth that is touchable by another's opinion. It's not my own opinion either. It is more that sense of expansion and absoluteness that is inherent in its vibratory frequency, a sense that no matter what occurs, no matter what I think, what I hold dear, it just IS and will always BE the way it has been set up by the One.

There is a great deal of surrender involved in sensing this kind of truth within. It is also an energetic signature that can be sent out onto any situation that is in need of truth, for it will bring truth, peaceful solution and to my infinite pleasure, it will bring about the cessation of argument, conflict and duality.

All that is left for me in this state of experiencing my reality is to either consciously create what my heart deems worthy of creation, or to allow the reflection of that which has rippled out from my own center to create a reality filled with beauty, synchronicity and serendipity which is so easily traveled. With this ease, I experience closer and closer what I had invoked with my intention of "Easy" and I also experience that I have way more time enjoying ease, rather than experiencing hardship. As a next step, I hone myself into ever growing awareness of what my reality offers to me, so that I can flow along harmoniously in its beautiful dance.

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