Monday, May 30, 2011

When the Heart Aches

These last few days had not brought any grief into my life, at least not personal grief. However, I've been transforming massive amounts of grief just in the past 48 - 72 hours. The general feel of this grief had been mainly that of feeling very alone on this planet. I think for many, the idea of soul mate connection is very dear to their hearts and if they do not find themselves in a loving relationship, this kind of grief can become very consuming. Clear down to the depression.

I continue to be assured by my helpers that we are indeed not alone, that each and every one of us has the opportunity to open their heart and feel another person to be part of themselves. This option is open and a good choice, if one isn't in a personal romantic relationship at this time. I am also shown that these massive amounts of grief are being transformed by those souls who have the capacity to do this. It is a service, to alleviate the Earth's ongoing transformational duties. For every soul who feels unexpected grief in their hearts and keeps the center of love nonetheless, Mother Earth does not have to transform that energy and can be busy with other things, important stuff, like her own increase in frequency with her massive body.

It is this great service of transforming these no longer needed energetic (emotional) exudations that bring some of us light workers to our knees. The heart aches, the body is tired and we are happy at the same time. It's quite strange really. In the awareness that it isn't our own "stuff" we just keep enduring it all and let our mechanisms take on however much we can and bring forth unconditional love and compassion out of the transformatory processes.

I would like to share a recipe. It is a homecooked "Parsley Wine" or "Heart Wine" as I translate it straight from German. This recipe is a tonic for the heart. It strengthens the physical heart and also the emotional heart and is most beneficial for this kind of job (or any other situation of grief).

I include this link with a recipe. It's easy to cook up and well worth the effort. Thanks to all who are right now also working on this very monumental task.

Parsley Wine, Recipe by Hildegard of Bingen

(This recipe is easily available in Germany, just google Herzwein/Petersilienwein Hildegard Von Bingen )

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