Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Audacity of Easy

I have this crab apple tree in my front yard - it has produced a myriad of flowers this year. The branches are loaded. It is the epitome of abundance. I see this tree every day and stand by it. It is truly the manifestation of easy goodness. It got me thinking that if I see nature unfold with such ease, such natural grace and produce such unlimited abundance, why is it that I still have areas where I experience myself to be struggling.

These struggles aren't very dire, but nevertheless, they are there and the pattern that something has to be hard earned, or worked for with "blood and sweat" seems to still have a hold within me. My heart, my high heart, they speak of something else though. These points of myself promise things to be easy. They give me the vision of how abundance and freedom are birth rights right along with wholeness, oneness. It is in this understanding that I wish to navigate the continuation of my journey. It is ok in my system that I change course, away from struggle and that I bring the audacity of easy to the fore. Sometimes, changes like these happen automatically, sometimes there is a small ritual that wishes to be carried out.

Today, as I look back through the twists and turns of my life up until now, I see that many of my struggles have held absolute gems of learning, gems of growth. I know myself enough to also know that those struggles were probably necessary for me to push me into some of the lessons that I would have otherwise neglected or not learned. It is ok, that struggling was a pattern that my parents and grandparents and possibly their parents etc. had embraced as a way of life. After all, on my father's side my ancestors were serfs. It is ok, that for a time I've experienced my life through that lens of struggling and hard work. I thank the pattern of struggle, hard work and hardship for that which it gave me - one way of experiencing life. I thank it and realize that its time has come to yield. I let myself be filled with the audacity of easy and let this pattern drift away, float on the wind and let the universe recycle its energy as it sees fit.

I turn my attention again to the ease and abundance of my tree,  I cannot help but feel the joy of "easy", the lightness of this new filter that I feel is so much more in alignment with the Divine. The time for struggling is over. A new era of "easy" has begun for me and I step into it with a grin spreading on my face and I feel it's feathery lightness caress my heart.

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