Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Migraines in Young Teens

In my capacity as mother and homeopath, I have come across quite a few "diagnoses" of migraine in teenagers. The patients are in the range from 13 - 15 years old. Age 14 is part of the 7 year cycles of maturing that humans go through. In all cases that I have observed, there was nothing wrong with the eyes. The diagnosis is apparently based on a description of what the headaches feel like.

These headaches are a feeling of painful pressure, sometimes behind the eyes, sometimes on the top of the head. Other affected areas are the neck (exit point of the third eye chakra), as well as the temples and forehead. Often time there is great drowsiness, inability to think clearly and nausea associated with these headaches, along with oversensitivity to the environment and heightened irritability. They can come on seemingly at random and the patients cannot seem to link them to a specific situation or event.

As an empathic energy-reader, a bodyworker and a homeopath I can see that the headaches I have seen are very physically real. The patients actually feel very much in pain. Painkillers work some of the time, but often not at all or only partially. In some cases I was able to help with a very simple suggestion. I told the patients to allow that which is pushing in to come in. I had some brave patients who did that and openly relaxed and voiced intent to open their crown chakra. Almost instantly, their pain levels went down and in some cases, the pain subsided altogether.

Here is the best explanation/theory I can come up with. The energies on the planet are increasing in frequency. Extra sensory abilities are enhanced in many people, especially those kids with the DNA structures of the Indigo groups. These young kids are torn between closing off their extra sensory abilities so that they can fit into their school systems and letting nature/energy take it's natural course. In all the cases I have seen, there has been a conscious or subconscious command to shut down the crown and third eye chakras. This has caused the energies that wanted to be processed by these chakras to be dammed and cause an incredible amount of pressure. The simple intention voiced to allow these extra-sensory perceptions like telepathy and clairvoyance to occur naturally, will begin to reinstate the natural flow of energy. These children are fully equipped to deal with their gifts, but our school systems and/or upbringing is such that these gifts are shunned, shut down or flat out denied. The energies they attract are however in line with their talents.

It is my hope that this information brings peace and painless extra-sensory experiences to these very talented kids.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and as such I am not able to diagnose any illness. If headaches persist despite the best efforts to allow energy flow to occur naturally, please do see your MD or pediatrician. (or your Naturopath, Homeopath or Acupuncturist, Eye doctor ...etc....). Not all cases of headaches/migraines are a stopped flow of energy through shutting down a chakra. Common sense prevails.

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