Monday, May 9, 2011

Ordering Pizza

Getting your wish is as easy as ordering Pizza. Frankly, we've been told to focus really hard on any wish I might have, to imagine the outcome, visualize etc, then eventually, months down the road, perhaps, or perhaps not, the manifestation of our wish would ensue.

This past week has shown me in many examples that getting our wish is as easy as ordering Pizza! - All that is needed is to put out the wish - once - you don't order multiple Pizza's for yourself and bug the waiter, the pizzaiolo with repeated orders of the same thing either! Then in the same manner as we sit on a chair and know full well that it will hold our weight just fine, and with the same implicit understanding that in a very short time the waiter will bring our Pizza, we can sit and hold the frequency of gratitude. (I have to give my ever busy mind something to conjure, so I let it be gratitude with every breath I take) - just that, not gratitude for this or that, least of all gratitude for my wish that will come true... none of that, I have to rest easy in the understanding that the waiter WILL bring that Pizza.

Minds are funny things, when ordering Pizza, we can observe sometimes that the waiter will first serve a soda at a different table, then a coffee somewhere else and then finally swing over to our table and put down that nummy Pizza. Also, isn't it so that we sometimes look at the door to the kitchen in the restaurant and wait for our Pizza to magically emerge in the hands of our waiter, just to be surprised while staring at that door, that the waiter took a different route and the Pizza arrives from that corner behind us, to the left. (yeah sort of like "from out in left field"...).

I mean to say with this that any redoubling of our efforts to get our wish is but a manifestation of our doubts that the wish will come true effortlessly, easy breezy, "magically" - most often in a wholly different way than we were able to imagine. The time between wishing and manifesting is very short nowadays, it really spurs me on to embrace this whole "wishing business" in a more trusting manner, with full knowledge in my heart that this is how the universe has always worked, just a lot slower due to the density of Earth's vibration and now that the vibrations are speeding up, manifestation is speeding up as well. Things indeed are changing rapidly.

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