Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Marriage of Love and Power

Ultimately, love is all there is - I have heard it, I have said it. I have believed it. I have not embodied it consciously in an ongoing flow or stream yet. Also, having a clear predisposition to the masculine energy of power in this lifetime, I can say, that I have embodied power on an ongoing basis. I have also built up incredible safeguards to keep myself from following the untempered power's drive to go out and wreck havoc, just for power sake. I do not see power as a negatively charged energy. I just feel its drive. It just is, it really can't help itself being that which it is.

I have given this energy my body to live through it. It is with great discipline that I have created and maintained my safeguards. I have put wardens on duty, that alert me with fear impulses not to do certain things and to refrain from doing harm to anyone. I cannot say, that I have never caused harm. I have owned my stuff and made amends. I have worked through the disasters that I have left in my wake and I have forgiven myself to a large extent. I have through this journey come to love the energy of power, for it has that quality of making me feel very alive.

Power, within me, fears love. Love is that one energy that I have invited in only temporarily and "when needed". It came unfailingly each and every time to me. In my innermost system, the understanding is fully embedded that love is, where it's at. So far. - As I continue on my own journey of discovery, I see clearly, that not love alone, but the marriage of love and power brings that which I seek - Wisdom. Power alone, untempered, admittedly isn't a suitable tool. However, on its polar opposite, neither is love alone, for it creates the fear of getting hurt, the very opposite of what power creates within me, namely the fear of hurting others. Both types of fear dissolve the moment Love is consciously invited in the body with the intent to have love and power unite within.

In that place, Wisdom is born. The need for anyone else to play the opposite part to fill that which might still remain unfulfilled within me falls away. I become whole and calm all by myself. The world of my experience expands gently with a sense of utter safety and comfort. From this perspective, I fully understand that love is not all there is, power is there as well and only the marriage of the two give me that comfort of: All is well !

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