Monday, July 11, 2011


I've heard somewhere that true creation is born out of silence. It's quite silent in my mind. There has to be something brewing? no?... I'm really joking, but often times a joke isn't all that far removed from the truth.
One thing is certain, I have no clue where this silence is leading me.

These states of silence in my mind are actually quite relaxing, but also rather unnerving, since I have literally no clue, not the faintest idea where this silence will lead. Perhaps, oh my, it won't lead anywhere. There is that human quality that always is trying to go somewhere. It's perhaps even time to just stay put, be here in this moment, experience the quality of silence and sense of uncertainty. To me it has that same feeling like staring at an empty canvas, when I'm readying myself to paint.

It is actually this moment, just before the burst of inspiration is invited into the field of perception. With the inspiration comes often times (perhaps always?) a creation of sorts. It may be really small, something rather personal, or something bigger, something of beauty or something that is totally meaningless for anyone other than myself. I don't know what it's going to be, but I do know that I am centered and honoring this place of silence. With this attitude, I feel I'm setting the stage, getting ready for "whatever" inside myself.

It is important to realize, so I believe, that attitude is in fact the tool to shape any experience. The attitude will dictate the lens through which I will experience the next "thing". I am in total control over my own attitude and if I experience that I am not, I have to remember that, in fact, I am. I am able to change my attitude towards anything at any given time. I'm not only able to use this tool, but if I am a self-loving co-creating human being, then it is my responsibility to put this tool to adequate use, be flexible with it and shape my reality with conscious purpose.

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