Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Little Things

Every day I am reminded by little things that bring a very tiny moment of joy into my heart. Be it that I see compassion in another human being flicker through a normally quite tough protective shell, or just a flower that has erupted suddenly into an amazingly big blossom. Simple things like for instance the fact that some of my vegetables have now passed their initial baby-stages at least somewhat unharmed by the many slugs in our garden, so that they are now big enough that a few nibbles don't matter much, can bring such warmth to my day that I find myself gazing at my garden beds with a broad grin on my face.

It's quite innocent and one could even call it naive, but I thoroughly believe that these tiny, "unimportant" things in my life are the single most important little reminders I am given. I couldn't wish for a better system really. It is of course then up to me to expand on these moments. I can choose to see the world like a little child, amazed and in wonderment. I can positively and actively make this choice. I am invited to make this choice by these seemingly small moments, that carry such huge potential in a direction of experiencing and living in total beauty.

As I give in and train myself to heed these moments where nature's beauty touches my heart and soul, it seems to me I'm in an energetic flow that is similar to a waterfall. Once I find myself in that flow, my awareness expands to flit from one little thing to the next, until there is a cascade of tiny things that bring joy into my life. It's a network really and I give in, for it's far too delicious not to.

The most fantastic thing is, that the more I give in, the more pronounced my experience becomes. If I do it more and more frequently, a pattern emerges and I find myself used to seeing the world like this. The more I live and train a pattern, the greater my new creation of my personal reality becomes. It is my choice, it is my responsibility what I focus on. It is always my own decision and daily, I choose the little things that bring me joy and show me beauty.

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