Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reports of Atrocities, Doom and Gloom

The state of this world seems to be a mess. A pretty brutal mess actually. Many folks see it as their mission to inform on a daily basis of the atrocities that are happening around the world. The internet is a wonderful tool for spreading this information. However, not only the information, the facts get spread, the energy inherent in the atrocities get spread around the globe as well. I'm a bit in conflict over that and have in the past resolved to accepting that there are people who feel drawn to be these kinds of messengers. I'm in conflict, because on one hand, it is very important in my opinion to keep the eyes and ears open and not to deny that which is going on. On the other hand, I find that the energy smeared thus everywhere is painful to endure. I know full well, that by spreading this information and by sharing it makes it spread like wild fires through the social networks. Through that, the events of the atrocities are gaining in energetic might. No matter, whether we applaud something or find it worthy of our judgment that it is so totally "wrong", we inadvertently give our energies to the actual atrocities and pump them up.

The only neutralizing force that I can think of would be unconditional love. I have since taken to meet these reports of doom and gloom, these articles of bringing to light and awareness of the vilest things a human being could conceive of, with waves of unconditional love. I make a choice to step away from deciding whether the harbinger of these news reports are doing the right thing or not. I fold, I am not the judge of their actions. I can only know how I react and will continue to react to the pollution that is brought to the virtual doorstep of my computer. I could stick my head in the sand like an ostrich and stop acknowledging the presence of these news reports, or I could heal these situations with wave upon wave of unconditional love in full acceptance of both sides, the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity and Earth and the victims alike and wholly without judgment. Everyone is part of me and I am part of everyone. Love is the only energy that I have to make a difference. For me, the difference is not made by spreading and forwarding these reports, it is made by how I react to all involved, those who do the deed, those who unveil the secrets and write about it and finally those who find it so necessary to inform the world. They all have their place. I see mine still as a lightworker and there is no greater light than that of unconditional love. Hence that is the energy I spread onto the actual event, to both perpetrator and victim, to the originator of the news report, to all the souls spreading the news and I follow the energy signature around the globe engulfing every little bit that is touched by this energetic pollution with unconditional love. I do this without expectation of any outcome, for that would mean my love is conditional...

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