Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here's to my Fellow Lightworkers

In this world of physical manifestation, the more floaty, undefinable folks are usually either given the title fou-fou (which means crazy-crazy in French) or dismissed as really in need for psychological treatment. My heart goes out to all of those folks who haven't been able to leave a physical "mark" on the world, solely because their work is more energetic in nature.

It is not easy to always be working with the physically untouchable stuff, the energetic floaty stuff that nobody really has a name for. It's not always easy to be working behind the scenes either, unnoticed without any recognition from the outside world, for there is no contrast, no alternative scenario that is visible, hence nobody did anything at all...right? ...wrong!... There are a myriad of what is termed "lightworkers" and other wonderful caring folk who make it their daily routine for example to care for Mother Earth with their heart energy. (yes, they simply love this planet to bits!) Is it due to them that the west coast of the US hasn't seen any major earthquakes since New Zealand had one and then subsequently Japan? - One could deny such a coincidence, it's not scientific either to insist that it was their energy work and their love and care for the biosphere that has kept the ring of fire reasonably stable. I do insist that such work is going on though. I know it is. I know this, because it's an intrinsic part of my daily life. Yet, it does not get recognized and I'm sure there are many lightworkers out there who know what they are capable of, who know what their contribution is, yet they say nothing. It is not my own contributions that I wish to bring some recognition to, it is for my fellow lightworkers world wide, that I want to mention this truth. Their work, albeit mostly invisible to the physical eye, can be felt. It can be felt empathically, and even if it cannot be named, if it never makes the news, it has to be made known that this continuous love and support for the world at large is a definite factor in the overall state of the world today.

Not in the bad state of this world, but in the not quite AS bad state of the world. Imagine a world without lightworkers, imagine a world where nobody gave a hoot about the planet. Imagine a world where the real affairs and powers of the heart are dismissed as fou-fou and everybody would abide by that judgment?... Now that would be a very crazy world in my imagination.

Personally, I feel that there are many very dedicated lovers of humanity, lovers of Mother Earth, lovers of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, and lovers of the light out there who would do well taking a moment lighting a candle for themselves, in full recognition and appreciation of their relentless energetic work. Without it, we would be far worse off than we currently are.

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