Saturday, July 16, 2011

Out There

When I totally lose myself into the bliss of my essence, I experience unity. I experience that essence for what it is, namely unconditional love. Some call that the connection with one's "God-Self". The pull of the 3-dimensional experience is exerted naturally, by means of actually inhabiting a physical body. When the essence consciousness is re-connecting with the physical form, the experience outside of 3D is seemingly lost. In fact, the focal point has shifted and that is really all that has changed.

It is in a human's nature to have linear thinking and try to "get back" to the point of bliss, unity, ecstasy, because it just felt so right. Indeed, these experiences are closer to who we truly are than what we experience in the density of the 3rd dimension. However, in my opinion, they are not something we have to try to get back to. To believe that would be 3-dimensional thinking and alas, the fear based response of having seemingly traveled very far "out there" and then having been pulled back into this physical experience. It is fear based, for the yearning of wanting to get back there, carries the fear of not being there, or the fear of never being able to return there.

The moment a thought process can be determined thus to be fear based, we know with certainty that it has to do with the 3rd dimension, the experience is one of "this OR that", of polar opposites. By seeking one's heart center, we can navigate into the experience of "this AND that", where the point of perception becomes one that embraces both polar opposite points simultaneously. This seems perhaps to be rather difficult, but in fact it is very easy to accomplish. All it takes is a shift in focus. Like a photographer with a zoom lens on his camera, we can shift our focus from close up to wide angle.

With the new focal point we can determine that we have never really left the place of bliss, home, the place where our essence dwells naturally. That place (which in fact isn't even really a place) will never be gone. It is always available, it is ever present. It can be reached at a moment's notice. It is easiest to maintain a simultaneous consciousness in that state of our essence alongside the consciousness of inhabiting a body here on Earth. Any kind of idea that this is a struggle or that it has to be hard to get there is but our own game we play (we are allowed to play it).  Why should it be hard to be that which we already are? It is not. Believe it to be easy and it will be.

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