Friday, July 22, 2011

It's All Good

The arrogance I am accused of occasionally (it has gotten better) is showing up again on my radar. The accusers are busy from their point of perspective to judge and see me as if I came from their point of perspective. In order to be who I am at my core, however, I feel the urge to hold my point of perspective, for it is not easy to let go of it and not be engulfed by the old way of thinking, which is still very much alive in the mental energy pathways. I cannot undo that I have lived the majority of my life thinking in 3D ways and living according to the rules of duality. To step outside of duality while the world is still heavily engaged in experiencing the world from the polarity point of view, is a  feat that I feel very cozy with. I'm happy to have made my step into the 5th dimension and have anchored my energy into the High Heart Chakra. There is no going back fully, but fluctuations actually happen still. Sometimes, I engage in discussions just because it is preferable to me to be talking, as opposed to go silent. I am mercurial in nature and communication is a joy.

Well, it's  joyous mostly when the points of perspective are at least in the same dimension. It gets incredibly frustrating when the communicators are bringing their intelligence from different dimensions. The main accusation of "you're so arrogant, who do you think you are - God?" keeps popping up from different people and I think the time has come to address this issue. First of all, I would like to publicly state that I do NOT think that I am God. I've however always believed that a spark of God resides in each and every heart, also mine. Fact is, I know who I am and I understand the implications of that at least to some extent. I know without a doubt that I am far greater than my body - AND - I know that everyone else is also far greater than their body. I know that in the 5th dimension, things that in the 3rd dimension have been attributed to God alone, are understandable by the mortal mind. I know that all it takes is to shift the point of perspective and I know that each and every human being is potentially capable to do this shift, if they want to. It isn't something exclusive to me nor anyone else. It isn't something that you have to pay money for to achieve either. It's most definitely just one simple step, one simple point of heart felt intention to initiate the transition into the 5th dimension, a process which has been entitled "Ascension".

Newsflash for those readers who are not informed yet, the Earth is moving into the 5th dimension as we speak and just the intent to move along with our biosphere's progress would suffice to make it to the higher frequency without as much as a second thought. It is not required that you pretzel yourselves up and meditate for hours on end, singing OM (although it is beneficial to try that approach at least once in a life time). It is not required that you know the details of the journey that increases the vibratory frequency of your body so that you will find yourselves in the heart and experience a consciousness that you've never known before. All that is required is a heart felt intent to be part of the Earth's ascension. The rest is automatic.

It is just those of us who came to facilitate this journey for others who have struggled through energetic density that was painful. It is just some of us who decided to go there ahead of time to be midwives along the way, when the many questions begin to pop up and the fears need to be alleviated. It is just some of us who have anchored into 5D already to hold a job at the check-point guiding the way for those who wish to be guided.

The ascension process for the masses is automatic. It is linked directly with the energetic frequency increase that is happening to Mother Earth and again, just the love for Mother Earth alone will suffice to see you well under way with that process.

Most of all, it is my urge to emphasize on this: Nobody who has already increased their own personal energetic frequency and anchored into the 5th dimension thinks they are better than the rest. I can vouch for this, for the point of perspective from the 5th dimension is free of duality, hence at that point there is NO concept of better or worse any longer. Therefore, a person who smiles at you at that accusation, who still loves you with all their heart, will have most likely ascended and locked into the 5th dimension. Discussions between the viewpoints of 3D and 5D are essentially moot points and it is the sole responsibility of those in the 5th dimension to smile and love despite whatever the locked in perception from the 3rd dimension is trying to project onto us. It's all good anyways :)

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